Lilly Pulitzer loves Nook


In case I haven’t convinced you to get a Nook yet… Lilly Pulitzer LOVES Nook!

Jack at Lilly (an amazing service Lilly has on Facebook. Jack is unbelievably helpful with all things Lilly related!) mentioned on the Facebook page that Lilly is making covers for the Nook. They come out July 10 online and early August in stores.

I am dying to get one!

If you can’t wait until then, you can check out the Lilly totes on the B&N website here.


After having the Nook for a little bit now, and traveling with it, I have a lot more praise for it.

It’s the perfect thing for flights. I had about twenty pages in one book left, and read another book, and started a third. But, I only had to carry the weight of less than one. It’s also convenient that it saves your page… no fumbling around awkwardly when you return to your book.

Even though the Nook’s wifi doesn’t work internationally (like the Kindle), you can still download ebooks from B&N on your laptop and then connect the Nook using the USB and simply “drag” the ebook into the My Downloads folder on your Nook. It’s perfect!!!


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I love my nook and I love Lilly! Just this morning I ordered a waterproof nook cover so I can take it out to the pool and beach this summer and was wishing I could get a Lilly cover for it. I am so so so excited!!!
and I agree, Jack is AMAZING. I've called up to find out the year a vintage Lilly that I found in a consignment shop was, and to see if they could alter a dress for me. Jack is amazing!


ever since i read your first post on the nook, i am loving it more and more! these designs are so adorable, i definitely think it's about time i make a purchase 🙂