Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! 🎉 (Updated!)

UPDATE! I just got into the sale and had some time to peek around. I have to say, I think this was the best year Lilly’s had. It’s definitely the largest selection they’ve had, and I saw many prints and styles still available in all sizes. It was also run really well. The queue took a little longer, but I think that helped keep the site from crashing like it normally does. (I’d rather wait an extra hour than lose my space in line due to an overloaded server!) It was well worth the wait.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

My very top picks:

UPF 50+ Sophie Dress // I’m all about sun protection, and this is just a simple dress perfect for everyday wear.

Emilia Wrap Dress // You can’t go wrong with a wrap dress, and both prints are darling.

Arden Shift // Somehow I missed this when it originally came out! I can’t get over the cute fringe. I think this is what I’m leaning towards as my favorite.

Alexa Shift Dress // The neckline on this one is simply stunning. I think the original Lilly herself would have loved this one to pieces.

Hooded Coverup // Not the most exciting, but I am always on the hunt for great coverups. I think I’m getting this one. It’s perfect for boating and beaching… and it’s not see through!


Mango Lace Dress // I actually have this dress and just wanted to vouch for it. It’s gorgeous on and the best material for traveling. (No wrinkles.) Pictured above.

More favorites and a sneak peek into the sale while you wait:


Good morning friends! Are you guys ready for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale?! It starts this morning around 8am-ish. I wanted to pop onto the blog this morning for some last minute tips, and I’ll update this post after the sale goes live too.

This is hands down the best Lilly sale of the year. In fact, they only put their clothes on sale twice a year, so it’s the best way to get discounted prices. The sale can (will?) be insane, as it is every year. Like, insane insane.

I recommend being on your computer (versus a mobile device) about ten or so minutes before 8 am ready to go. I’m 99% sure the page is going to refresh automatically (on its own) when the sale is live. When it refreshes for the sale, do not re-refresh. You’ll be put in a virtual line. As excited as you are for the sale, there are hundreds of thousands of other women just as excited, haha. Waiting in the line is worth it if you want to do the most shopping.

If you’re not into that, pop in throughout the next three days! The excitement wears off as the sale goes on and the wait times decrease dramatically. There will be points throughout the sale where you won’t have to wait in line at all.

When you’re in the sale and find something that you like, it makes the most sense to purchase right away because items in your cart aren’t reserved. If you find three things, I’d recommend making three different purchases as you go. Lilly will combine your orders throughout the sale!

Sizing is going to be the trickiest part since everything is final sale. If you haven’t purchased Lilly recently, it may be a little confusing about what size you are as the fit model (I think) has changed. In years past, I’ve found dresses to fit very big and then other years to fit very small/short. I would say though that everything is pretty close to “true to size” right now, which is good news, but something to keep in mind because the size of the shift you bought four years ago is likely not the size you should get this time around.

If you think the sizing is going to be an issue and you don’t want to have to find a way to resell your items, I’d stick to the clothing that comes in alpha sizing (S, M, L, etc.).

Have so much fun shopping! Not a bad way to start a Monday, right?

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Ha. I thought there was some kind of contest or something for the first comment. Excuse me while I drink more coffee and come to the world. Ha


Yes! During the last sale I got some awesome finds on the last day! And didn’t have to wait in line AT ALL!


Thank you so much for the reminder! I waited 3 hours (when I logged on there were over 131,000 people ahead of me! But I was able to get three really cure dresses–fingers crossed they all fit! 🙂


I logged in at 6am PST and had 116,000 people ahead of me. It took 3.5 hours to get into the sale but once I did I was pleasantly surprised at how much was left! I’ll for sure check back sometime tonight or tomorrow to see if there is anything new but it was nice to snag a couple things this morning, even after the wait.