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So remember how my old Macbook hit the dust?  Two reasons why I didn’t panic.  The first was that all my old information was totally and completely backed up.  The second was that I’ve been using my Sony Vaio as my primary laptop this semester.   It has turned out to be the most perfect size for bringing to class.  I had a netbook last year, but it was too small.  11 inches permits a large enough keyboard so it’s comfortable to type, and a large enough screen so it’s comfortable to view.   But my favorite part is more about the software program: Windows Live Writer.  Seriously, blog posts are so much easier to write, draft, and publish with the program.    Live Writer   (Unlike Macs, Windows doesn’t have a shortcut to screenshot… There’s a tool called Clipper, but it’s a bit of a hassle to open it up every time I want to clip something.)   See?  You can draft a post exactly as it would appear on your blog.  It gives you a much clearer idea of what the final post will look like.   Using the Blogger platform and interface limits what you can do.  For example, I always get annoyed when I can’t resize my pictures to the exact size I want.  Does that bother anyone else?  Small, Medium, and Large just doesn’t do it for me!!!   All the usual function of Blogger is available, but you can also download cool plug-ins like a Polaroid Picture application.  

  Lots of fun!   Does anyone else use Windows Live Writer?   xoxo   PS I did receive the Sony Vaio to use and test for the year, but all of my reviews are completely unbiased!

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I've been experimenting with Windows Live Writer because I saw its awesomeness mentioned a couple weeks ago on someone's blog. I haven't quite figured everything out yet, but it does seem pretty nifty so far.


Love, love, love, Live Writer! It's one of my favorite things on Windows 🙂 I have Live Writer opened most of the time and it is wonderful.


Can't you use the Print Screen button to do a screenshot? I have a Dell and the Print Screen button is in the top right (once you hit Print Screen you just hit paste in the word document or whatever). I rarely use Macs so I have no idea if this is the same thing.

I'm wondering if my computer has this program. I need to check!


I definitely need to check this out! That Polaroid plug-in looks way nifty.

PS-I use the Print Screen key for screenshots on my PC. That might be what you're looking for 🙂


Thanks for the info on Live Writer, I hadn't heard of it! Also, like others mentioned – the shortcut for screenshots (print screen) is really useful and you can paste it into anything, even MS paint and Photoshop.

katie lake

I was going to say the same thing as Kate. You can use the print screen button then paste and it works the same as the screenshot commands on a MAC.


the PRT SC button is the screenshot button
you press it
and then "paste" the image onto paint & save! easy

snipping tool is pretty easy too

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti

LOVE Live Writer, soo much easier and faster when it comes to adding photos! I like Zemanta as well, it's good for adding wikipedia links to stuff that might confuse people or stuff people might end up googling like university names. They have a browser add on and a plug in for live writer, just make sure to turn off their ugly logo =)


On a Windows computer, you can click "Print Screen" and it will copy the whole screen. Then just open paint, paste the screenshot and crop it to the part you want and save it. Not as easy as screenshot but still very simple!