Living for Fall

I mentioned last week that we had a disappointing foliage season. I hate when the trees are bare. (That’s one thing I love about Florida; leaves are on trees year round!) The foliage makes the months of bare trees (semi) worth it. My favorite is driving down the interstate when you can peek all the changing colors from every direction. There’s something about the colors as you’re speeding by that I just love.

We had some crazy weather this weekend into Monday so the leaves that were changed are pretty much gone from what I can tell. I’m so glad we went to a local park last week for these photos before the storm. To be completely honest, I was not feeling this whole shoot. It was windy, and my eyes were watering like crazy, and my hair was blowing around. And I just didn’t feel cute.

I think we took photos for fifteen minutes before I finally called it quits. When you’re not feeling cute, it’s torturous taking photos. I had planned on never letting these see the light of day, that’s how much I wasn’t feeling it. But then I got the proofs from Carter, and I completely changed my tune. Apparently, it’s impossible to take bad photos when you’re in a gorgeous park… even if you feel bad!

Fall Preppy Outfit

This was the last photo we took. I thought I was going to cry I was so frustrated with my stringy hair from the wind. It turns out I love the windblown look. I’ve been working on self-confidence for a while now, but still have bad days now and then.

J. Crew Field Jacket

I got this plaid shirt the minute I saw it online. It’s a thinner shirt, which is actually ideal for me because I prefer to layer my plaids. When the shirt is thinner, it’s more comfortable to wear under sweaters and such! I just couldn’t say no to the ruffles, and this plaid has to be one of my favorites. The perfect touches of color.

Plaid Shirt J. Crew

Carly prepster   Preppy Fall Outfit

How to style velvet sneakers

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me raving about these sneakers on my Story. They’re so comfortable that I’d recommend getting them even if they’re not your style. If only to wear around your house or for errands or something. They feel more like slippers than sneakers! I wouldn’t say I’d be the first candidate for velvet sneakers, but these have me completely sold on the idea!

Old Navy Sneakers

Connecticut Fall Foliage

Have you seen cuter acorns though?

Carly Heitlinger

Plaid Shirt // Field Jacket // Jeans (c/o) // Velvet Sneakers (c/o) // Similar Bracelet

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The pictures came out great! Fall is about the weather change; you happen to catch that detail in the ‘wind swept’ look!


The photos are beautiful! When I take blog photos 9/10 times I feel just a little bit off – and always end up posting them too 🙂 Thanks for sharing this perfect fall look.


I’m loving that plaid shirt and the velvet sneakers! These photos turned out great – there’s something about them that comes across so happy and relaxed.

Jae (@gorjaeous)

For what it’s worth, your photos turned out great! I think the ‘wind-blown’ element added to the fall vibes, and you pulled it off just fine!

P.S. I just about died with the ruffle details of your plaid shirt! SO. CUTE.


I am actually waiting for this shirt to arrive! If I wanted to dress it up, what sort of bottom would you pair it with? Love the casual look!!

Southern & Style

Those shoes are so cute! I wasn’t a fan the first time I saw you talking about them, but since you keep raving they have to be good-I just might have to snag them!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


Love the plaid shirt! And you’ve totally sold me on the shoes. I’m a half size and I’m not sure which size to get. Would you recommend sizing up or down? I don’t live anywhere near an Old Navy or I’d just go try them but as cute as they are, it isn’t worth an hour drive haha!

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific

You look SO cute in these photos, Carly! I actually feel very related to this story. I had the same experience on the last photo shoot I did. It was a beautiful but windy day and I got really frustrated because I couldn’t keep my hair in place. I got depressed because I thought that we were wasting our time but some photos turned out really good. Windblown hair can look very natural and nice sometimes.


I’m proud of you for publishing these photos because you’re right, you look great (even if you didn’t feel it)! I appreciate you sharing a dose of reality with us. We all feel this now and then! Keep up the good work, cute girl.


When you posted about the shoes you also posted about a shirt similar to this one. Did you have a link??

Erin Lucy

Such pretty photos! The trees are just gorgeous. So the velvet sneakers are definitely a must. I got them last week and I am just loving how comfortable they are!


I love this photo, you are beautiful. I love walking in the Parisian park in autumn it’s so beautiful. But I have to say because of you lol I am so frustrated, J Crew factory does not sell online to international and I come from France so I could not buy this shirt that I love literally and it is rare that I have such a favorite. This is a real problem why J Crew sells all over the world but J Crew factory only in the United States.But good super post I love your outfit as a whole.


By the way what size did you take for this shirt because J Crew size big it seems to me


I have this field jacket from the J Crew factory. I wore it a lot last year, but one thing I have to say is that it does NOT wash well. I’ve washed it according to care instructions probably 2-3 times, and it’s already really faded. Just something to consider if you’re buying the jacket. I know for me, the $80 I spent on it was a lot at the time.