Long Time No Chat!

Thank you everyone who prayed for Melly.  Her trip to the Mayo Clinic was successful and she received a lot of answers about her condition, including a new diagnosis and a better prognosis.
I haven’t done anything noteworthy of a blog post, but don’t think I forgot about y’all.
Here’s the final three prints for Preppy Pink Crab, the winner of my giveaway.  I thought they turned out well and had lots of personality.  I loved the prints she picked out and had a BLAST painting them! [Click on the picture for more detail!]

Last night, I went to the Rays game with my friends Bebe and Tay E.  I drove us all from Tampa to St. Pete and Bebe showed up to my house wearing practically the same outfit as me!  We both rocked the white jeans (we only have a few more weeks to wear them) and navy J. Crew blouses.  

We bought the cheapest tickets when we got there and were basically in the nosebleeds.  We thoroughly cleaned the seats with napkins and hand sanitizer (seriously).  After a few innings, I was extremely annoyed by the little kids kicked the back of the chairs and running amuck.  We ended up moving to way better seats thanks to Bebe’s step sister!

The Rays have a summer concert series going on which allows anyone who attended the game to stay for a concert afterwards.  Flo Rida was playing last night and we stayed for a few songs.  It wasn’t exactly our cup of tea, but we had fun anyways!
TayE and I are heading over to the Orlando outlets today!  I need some more fall-y clothes for school and I’m dying to check out the VV outlet there!
Have a great weekend!
-College Prepster

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Your prints are fantastic, soft palette and artistically done. You are a true artist Carly!!!
P.S. Your haircut looks great!!!