Mad about Mad Men

Oh boy.  I paused my Netflix account before finals started last semester because I didn’t want to pay for it over the summer when I have cable at home.  Well, the suspension only lasts three months… and I had to unpause it.
So, so bad.
When I went to update my account, I immediately saw that Mad Men was now on Netflix.  “Great!” I thought, “I’ve always wanted to watch it.”  So I casually watched one episode… and then another… and then another!!!
I am hooked!!!  Holy moly, I’ve already blown through the first season and part of the second.  (In my defense, I did have pink eye twice and reading was difficult with only one eye.)
It’s amazing!!!!  I love the clothing, the references, the relationships (and there are many), the social issues… the whole nine yards.  I wish I was around back then (minus the whole womanizing thing).  At least just for the clothing!
I have been seeing the advertisements for the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic.  Unfortunately, when I went to see the dresses in person, I was not impressed.  The material looks cheap and the colors are not as bold as they are in the magazines.  In fact, Soccer Mom and I were curious why the clothing wasn’t even displayed in the window… and then we found out.  Yuck.  I was quite sad.  However, I think I’m definitely going to be channeling Betty while shopping.  I love the full skirts!!!
I absolutely NEED to know who else is MAD for MAD MEN!  Was anyone else turned off by the Banana Republic collection (in person)?

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I've faithfully watched all four seasons and I even dressed as Joan for Halloween last year; I'm absolutely addicted and am eagerly awaiting the next season (it's a shame that production was delayed). I too was so thrilled to see the Banana Republic collection, especially because BR worked directly with the costume design director to create truly authentic clothing, but the material seemed cheap. I tried on the simple black dress and one of the skirts and felt completely underwhelmed. Ah, well; in all honesty, it's not too difficult to find well tailored basics that are Mad Men-esque!


I have always heard great things about the show and finally dived into season 1 on Netflix this week. Im up to episode 7 and totally HOOKED!!!
I love the fashion, but couldn't imagine putting in so much effort to look like that every SINGLE day.


I am OBSESSED with mad men. Best show on television. That's so disappointing to hear that you didn't like the quality of the clothing!


I'm so in love with Mad Men! I actually really liked several pieces from the collection (I wrote about it a couple of days ago), although I do think some of them… weren't great. That purple dress comes to mind – and it seems to have been removed from BR's website.


I still need to watch this show, haha! I'm so behind with this trend. That's disappointing about the BR line, though, because it looked cute.

The Aly Way

Love the show! Roger is my favorite character… can't wait till 2012 when the next season starts 🙂 BR collection does not impress


I just started watching Mad Men on Netflix too! I was intrigued when I saw that BR was doing a collection inspired by the show. I really liked what I saw online but didn't think I could pull some of it off as much in real life.


Mad Men is my absolute favorite show. I love it. I've been watching it since the beginning. It's great that you started it! I'm also a manager at BR and I agree with you. I was disappointed in the selection. I got one scarf, but other than that, i wouldn't purchase anything else. To be honest, i think the quality could be better and the dresses could be more realistically like Mad Men. We've done this Mad Men campaign for the past couple of years, and the selection was much better last year.

The seasons only get better and better as the show goes on. Season 4 is my favorite 🙂