Mad for Plaid

While we did have our first snow (!!!) earlier this week, I’m not quite ready to get into the holiday spirit. Kudos to everyone who can listen to Christmas music all year round without getting sick of it. I love it, but grow bored (and a little annoyed) within a short period of time. So I’m holding off.
I will, of course, start doing some holiday guides. Probably sooner rather than later so we can all get the cutest stocking stuffers, secret Santa gifts, perfect prezzies for our friends and families! But, in the meantime, I’ll share some plaids.
Festive. But not in-your-face-here’s-the-holidays kind of way.
Plus, who doesn’t love a good plaid?
Basically, I’m mad for plaid.
Find even more of my favorite plaid picks (that I couldn’t fit into the graphic) by scrolling through the widget below:

are you?

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The Cardinal Planner

I'm a huge fan of plaid as well! I have plaid flannels and I used to have a pair of plaid pjs (maybe it's time for another one?). I'm loving that crossover bag in the widget and those ballet flats! Although I usually can't bear to wear flats past a certain point in the fall and unfortunately, that point is rapidly approaching (brrrr).


Blake K.

Plaid shirts are my favorite! I love to throw them on with jeans and riding boots for class.
xo, Blake


I've become totally obsessed with plaid lately. Both of those J. Crew shirts are at the top of my must-have list!



I cannot believe I would ever be a fan of plaid again after growing up in plaid skirts at private catholic schools…… But I actually tried on a black watch plaid dress yesterday at gap and liked it! I am slowly warming back up to plaid and these are cute pics of yours. Love the slippers the most! Have a great weekend.

Julia D.

I'm obsessed with Christmas, though I wait until after Remembrance Day out of respect before I start decorating, so I can't entirely relate to the feeling of being sick of it. I fully admit to have already started watching Christmas movies. LOVE plaid and its definitely particularly appropriate for the season, cute picks!