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Well, 3/14 is pi day (3.14…. get it?)
Normally, I really need to be in the mood to eat pie.  It’s not something I crave or think about.  And even if I see it on a table, I probably wouldn’t automatically reach for it.  However, these pie creations (all found on Pinterest, click image to go to the original source) are looking good….. Really, really, really good.
Tiny Cherry and Blueberry Star Pies in a Jar

Deluxe Wedge-Shaped Pie Box Kits

Berry Pies

Sweet Cinnamon Cherry Pie
Are you into pie?  Will you be celebrating Pi Day?

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Ooh now you have me wanting pie, or any sweets! I probably won't be celebrating, but it would be nice to!

Heather W

My mother taught calculus for many years; she always gets such a kick out of pi day!

As for "Pie with an e", it's not my favorite dessert. I really dislike fruit pies.


I meant to stop and the store and buy a pie for my co-workers so we could celebrate Pi Day…but I was running late this am.


I'm not really into pies with fruit in the middle, so I brought in a homemade (by yours truly) chocolate pudding pie with a graham cracker crust for my math class and it was DEVOURED.


My family celebrated Pi Day! I made a chicken pot pie for dinner (from scratch, with a double crust) and then a coconut cream pie for dessert. My son wanted to know why we didn't also have pie for lunch. So, I guess next year I'll try to make some individual pies to send in the lunch boxes!