May Flowers

Is there anything happier than a field of tulips?! I’m not quite sure. I drove up to Rhode Island last week to do a little tulip picking with Kiel, Sarah, Dave, and Sophie. It had rained for two days, and I was looking forward to a morning outside! Wicked Tulips is a MUST for tulip picking.

It seems like the tulips just go on forever– every color you can imagine. (I’ve heard that they opened the big fields up too, so definitely hop on it!)

Group Photo

The ground was wet from the previous rain, and I’m glad we decided to wear our Hunter boots. (The boys weren’t as smart.) They did put down some hay which was great for the mud and not so great for our allergies… so pack your allergy medication!

Hunter Boots

I wore this ruffled dress that I couldn’t resist picking up during a recent shopping trip. And Sarah’s gorgeous Tory Burch dress inspired me to get the shirtdress version.

Sophie Schumacher

Tulip Picking Wicked Tulips Rhode Island

Tulip Farm Rhode Island

Ruffle Dress // Classic Trench // Hunter Boots // Woven Basket

Check out Sarah’s blog for her outfit details and Sophie’s blog for her outfit details!

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julia bradbury

Oh what lovely flowers and lovely Girls too and I’m glad you all had the good sense to wear your Wellingtons the ground looks quite damp.


Any tips on wearing Hunter boots? I find that they get sooo hot and sweaty, even in cold temperatures.


I go barefoot honestly and have not had any problems, but there are some foot sprays that have baby powder type ingredients that help absorb moisture!

Katie McC | Katie's Kronicles

Adorable! Oh my goodness I am so jealous of the tulip fields. That is on my travel wish list to be able to experience them in full bloom. Gah, they are gorgeous!!! Ever been to a daffodil field? That’s on my list also after seeing so many photos on Instagram of them!

Katie | katieskronicles.org


This looks lovely! I want to go! I’ve been to the Carlsbad Flower Fields when we went to visit my husbands family. But next on my list is a Tulip farm for sure! I used to go to an iris farm with my mom when I was little. Nothing like rows and rows of fresh flowers 🙂 Love the dresses, ya’ll always look so cute!


What gorgeous photos! I would love to go tulip picking, but I am not sure where locally I would be able to go. Thank you for sharing!
– Sarah

Allison Perlman

You guys inspired my mom and I to take a trip out there this weekend! So, so excited!


Beautiful! They’ve closed for the season now, but I’ll definitely be checking it out next year!