Mean Stinks!

I absolutely love this new campaign that Secret came up! It’s called Mean Stinks and it’s all about ending girl-to-girl bullying through social media. I couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Teen Vogue and Mean Stinks to share the amazing message.
Mean Stinks launched a collection of beauty products that is available exclusively at Target. I got a little preview of the products and they’re great! If you purchase any three products from the collection, you’ll receive a free COVERGIRL blue nail polish. Painting your pinky with blue nail polish is the perfect way to show show your support against bullying. (Just like a pinky promise!)
My favorite part of the campaign is the Chain of Nice. On social media, share a nice message with a friend or two using the hashtag #MeanStinks and encourage them to pass the niceness along!

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Hey Carly! I'm part of an all female organization for college girls and we would love to represent this campaign on our campus. Who should I reach out to about helping spread the word at my school? Such a great campaign to be a part of, thank you for your participation!


So much goodness!! It's scary to think what some young girls (and grown women) say behind the safety of their computer screen and it only seems to be getting worse. This couldn't have come at a better time!

26 and Not Counting

Respectfully Anonymous

Carly, while I appreciate the message of this campaign, it comes barely a month after you made a couple of incredibly inappropriate posts on your not-so-personal Facebook about commenters who posted critical (yet not rude) opinions in the comment section of your blog. You've also watched silently as your readers have bullied other readers on social media and the comment section of your blog just because they had a differing opinion. Meanwhile, you made no comment at the time in the spirit of anti-bullying or "mean stinks".

As a public figure, many girls look up to you, so it's great that you're posting this to your blog. At the same time, please make an effort to practice it's message in your own social media presence – both professional and personal. It'll have a greater impact that any individual blog post.

Rebecca Harris

I agree with respectfully anonymous. You need to practice what you preach. I think that online bullying and bullying in general is horrible but you have tracked people down to retaliate when they have commented on your blog. Just my two cents.


And put them on blast, publicly, here. There was that 16 or 17 yo girl who said something about your hands (on ig?), and she started getting threats on twitter from other readers, if I remember correctly, and she kept asking you to have them stop. I mean, I still follow your blog and stuff regardless but these ladies do have a point… 🙁

I like the idea of the campaign though (and the clever play on words, "stinks" = deodorant, HA). Having experienced workplace bullying as an adult, it really does suck! And it's not exclusively online.

I think a lot of people have been guilty of being or behaving like a bully at some point in their life, I know I have (high school was weird), but owning up to that is a great place to start to combat the issue.


If you do believe that "mean stinks" I think the very least you could do is acknowledge your past nasty blunders and publicly apologize to the girls you have bullied through social media.

I do think this is a great campaign, and I acknowledge that we all may get a bit heated about negative comments on the internet, but if you truly want to adopt this mantra I think it is only appropriate that you are honest about how you have bullied girls.