Meesh Pops!

I finally got my mom to do a little tutorial on her cake pops for my blog. She is the cake pop queen in Tampa. Every day, she’s in the kitchen whipping up hundreds of pops for weddings, birthdays, meetings, and all kinds of other parties. The holidays are one of her busiest times of the year (along with May/June graduations and weddings), so I was very thankful that she took some time out of her morning to film the video!

Cake pops are everywhere nowadays, but I don’t think they always taste that great. My mom takes pride in making beautiful pops that taste great too. People always ask me if she has a website, but she’s so busy with the orders she already has just based on word of mouth, literally.

My mom got started with her cake pop business seven and a half years ago when a friend of my sister’s asked her to do the cake pops for her graduation party. It was like setting out 200 edible business cards because, after that, the orders never stopped rolling in!

As cute as cake pops are, they’re actually pretty difficult to make. I’ve watched my mom in awe as she runs through the whole process in record speed like a well-oiled machine. My mom used Bakerella’s cake pop recipe for making her pops. Definitely recommend using that as your base and then experimenting from there.

In the video, my mom walks through her tips and tricks. I always find it so helpful to watch people do it in addition to reading the instructions. Let me know if you end up making some yourself! A few readers sent me theirs this weekend after watching the video, and I was oh so impressed.

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Colleen Ray

I have been reading for 7 years and was so excited to get a glimpse of what an amazing person Meesh is; dream come true! I think I’ll have to add cake pops to my Christmas cookie day! Looove this post!


very impressed with the tutorial. Also I like how the pops look like mostly cake, and not just icing like some of the pop recipes i’ve seen.


I definitely want to give this a try! I have always admired Meeshs cake pop skills and I can’t wait to put her tip to use and make some cake pops of my own!


Oh my gosh! How cute is this video!!! I always new they were hard to make, but WOW, there really is so much to it. I love your mom’s attitude, her love for doing this, and her whole system. Boy, I really love all those cake stands!!

Heather Medd

Just made these and they turned out so well!!! Thank you Meesh for a great tutorial! I DMed you a picture.


Oh my goodness, Meesh is precious!!! I also want to move to Tampa for some cake flops! You guys seem like the best neighbors! I immediately ordered a cake stand after this video. Time to get baking!


It’s so fun to see Meesh in her element after hearing about it for so long! I’m away from home at grad school and watching you two together definitely made me tear up and call my mom.


Love this! You and Meesh remind me of me and my daughter. Such a great relationship. I would watch any show with the two of you!!


I literally had no clue on how to make a cake pop! I thought you just scooped out cake and did the decorating!!! Omg I feel so silly!
I love Meesh. She’s just so darn cute and fun. She clearly loves, loves having you by her side! So sweet to feature her!


She is the cutest and such great tips! I have made cake pops before and it is a labor of love but with Meesh’s tips I am ready to tackle them again. Thanks!


Your mom is so great! I really want a cake pop now…a little too intimidated to try making my own haha.

Big yes to more videos with Meesh!

Barbara Ryals

I LOVED seeing how these famous cake pops are made! I now have even more respect for the time and effort Meesh puts into each and every one! Next video, I would love to see Meesh make her famous, incredible and irresistible chocolate chip cookies!!!

Lori Randall

I could watch Meesh videos all day!! Her talent and enthusiam are contagious, and it’s refreshing to see someone who LOVES what they do. She has smartly streamlined the process and with her beautiful product and brilliant cake stand inclusion it’s no wonder she’s insanely busy! Watching the video was like visiting with old friends. More Meesh PLEASE!!


The BEST Cakepops hands down. I order from her as often as possible and also her milk bar cake is better than the ones I’ve ordered from milk bar in nyc!