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If there is one soapbox that I have been standing on over the past year, it’s how a menstrual cup has made my life so. much. easier. You may remember last summer I switched from tampons to a menstrual cup. It was still fairly new to me, but since I’ve been using it for a year I have only become a bigger fan. In fact, I pretty much tell everyone. I think the thought of it really grosses people out and they’re too weirded out to try. One of my friends said, “Why fix what isn’t broken?” I get that sentiment, but in my experience switching from tampons to a menstrual cup was like switching from a perfectly good bike to a Tesla. Both get you from point A to point B… but… one’s a little bit of a smoother, quicker ride.

(If you’re thinking, what on earth is she talking about definitely give my original post a read first.)

I get emails weekly about whether or not I’m still liking it and the short answer is YES. My only regret is not trying one sooner! Having a year of using a cup under my belt and using (literally) zero tampons since converting, here are my biggest takeaways. In case you need extra convincing. 😉

Menstrual Cup Swimming


Honestly, this was the biggest reason why I started using one. I’ve since found a handful of other benefits that keep me in the menstrual cup camp for life, but the green element is so important. US women use over seven billion plastic applicators every year. Realizing how much plastic I was tossing into the bin during my period started to really bother me.


Tampons rarely bothered me. Though occasionally I would have mild discomfort, especially if I was on the tail end of my period and still wanted to use a tampon. I love that I can use a menstrual cup any day of my period with the exact same level of comfort (i.e. I don’t feel it at all) no matter what that day’s flow is. It only took a few cycles to get the hang of proper insertion and removal and now I don’t feel a thing. Literally. In fact, since I track my period with an app, I can use the cup a day before my period starts and I’ll use it until it’s completely over, which previously would have been too uncomfortable to attempt with tampons.

I ended up switching from the Diva Cup to the Tampax cup just to try it and realized that I didn’t have the best fit possible with the Diva Cup. It was a slight difference but I had a tiny bit of leaking with the Diva Cup and the Tampax one definitely fits better so now I have zero leaks. Which is also more comfortable obviously. Every body is different so if you didn’t find one particular cup comfortable, try another.


While the green element was why I started using the menstrual cup (and remains a no-brainer reason to continue), the freedom it provides is now my FAVORITE part. I can go all day long through my normal life without being held back or hindered by my period whatsoever. I don’t have to run to the bathroom to change a tampon after swimming or load my purse up with extra tampons in case I’m away from home longer than I planned. Even going to the bathroom is easier because you don’t have to worry about that damn string. The best part is simply not having to think about it besides twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed. I don’t think I realized how much I did think about my period until I made the switch.

A la Seventeen magazine’s embarrassing story section. I had to share two hilarious stories regarding my cup. (But don’t let these freak you out. I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing tampon stories too…)

– To sanitize the cup, you’re supposed to boil it for five minutes before and after every cycle. It sounds complicated but honestly, it’s pretty simple and takes, literally ten minutes a month. One night though, I FORGOT I HAD PUT IT IN THE POT. Like completely forgot until I smelled this awful burning smell. Mike came home and was like, “Why does the apartment smell like burnt plastic???” Uhhhhhh….. 🤦🏻‍♀️

– And then I had an x-ray done. While. On. My. Period. On the x-ray you can obviously see everything. The zipper on my jeans, my bones, my teeth… and my menstrual cup. I wasn’t so much embarrassed as I was dumbfounded. I hadn’t even thought about it until it showed up right there in black and white. Too funny. 😂

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Your x-ray story is too funny. I work in the medical field and you’d be disturbed to know what all we see on x-ray sometimes!


Love love love my cup! Bless you for being confident enough to talk about it – more women need to know about being able to have sustainable, worry-free periods!


I love my menstrual cup! I’m 43 and just discovered it THIS YEAR. Why did no one tell me about this sooner? I learned about it from a friend in her 30s. Now I’m trying to convert my 3 sisters (so far no takers!) I love it for all the reasons you mentioned. Thank you for your willingness to talk about this. Hopefully your message will inspire others to try it!


Thank you for this post! I’m still on the fence but I really appreciate your openness and honesty about feminine hygiene issues! It helps keep your blog “real” and it’s one of the reasons I love you’re blog! You don’t shy away from showing your real self! Thanks for sharing!


I started using the Diva Cup about this time last year too, and I cannot believe how well it’s worked for me. I’ve been thinking about giving them to my sisters this year as a Christmas gift lol


Thank you so much to our writing about this and not treating periods like this big dark secret!! I’m loyal to a menstrual cup for all the reasons you named and how some people will be encouraged to go for it!


I’ve been trying out Thinx for a while now and love it, but now you’ve got me thinking a menstrual cup might not be so bad!


I tried a cup about 4 months ago after reading your blog. It’s been life changing! It made my summer at the beach with my boyfriend’s family stress free. I didn’t have to worry about sneaking a tampon in the bathroom. I’ll never turn back!


HAHHHAHAH OMG the x-ray story. I used to loveeee reading the embarrassing Seventeen stories section ha! Did you ever write to Ask Iris?! My BFF and I used to legit be obsessed with asking her all things period related because no one taught us, so we had to learn everything ourselves.

Katie |

Girl of Colors

I just watched a video on the benefits of a menstrual cup and then came over here and read your post! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It makes me all the more sure that it’s the best choice!


I just read an article about menstrual cups on Betches (after already having read your previous post on them), and was sold on switching until they pointed out something that never occurred to me… to empty it/rinse it, you’d need to be in private bathroom with a sink, and not, say, in a work or public restroom with a row of stalls and a row of sinks. You work from home most of the time, but I can’t fathom how I could deal with this at work. How do you manage when in public restrooms like this?? Really looking for an answer because I’ve been considering switching but this concern has been holding me back.


So, the benefit of the cup is that you only have to empty it out a couple of times a day. It’s very likely you could do it at home right before you left for work, and not have to deal with it until you go home! I’ve never had an issue when I was out and not been able to find a bathroom with a sink (family, handicapped, a stall with a sink, etc.) in a pinch you can also just dump down the toilet and use toilet paper.