Midi Skirts

I’m so late to the game, per usual, but I’ve been really eyeing a bunch of mid-length skirts. I love maxi skirts, but I struggle to pull off long dresses and skirts. (Plus, I’m clumsy… and long skirts + high heels would be asking for trouble…)
When I was looking for dresses for Henley (they have to be “tea length”), all I could find in hemlines that were past the knees was– true story– this one weird dress with watercolored cats on it. Now it seems like this midi-length is so in. I started trying on a few skirts in various stores after being inspired by photos online… obsessed. (The one trick for me is that some skirts have too much fabric, so be on the lookout for that!)
I just love how feminine they are; dainty, but not delicate.
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I found a black midi at Nordstrom for less than $40 so I scooped it up faster than my husband could tell me 'no.' I love this trend!


I must be old…I do not love this trend. It cuts people off and makes people look shorter than they are. Unless your super tall I don't think it works. Reminds of the late 70's/early 80's working girl. Think the girls in the movie '9-5'!


I'm short too and have lots of midi skirts. Mini skirts not really being a good look when dealing with patients. Find a decent tailor-makes all the difference.