MIDYEAR GOALS (a check in of sorts)

I’ve been thinking so much about how half the year has already gone by. Without a doubt, this has been the year that has moved the fastest. I remember being in like elementary school and thinking a school year lasted forever and now…. I swear I blink and an entire week goes by and then another and boom, it’s been a year. Or in this case, half a year.

For a variety of reasons, so much of how I pictured this year going at the beginning of 2023 is not how this year is going. So, it’s kind of nice to like reevaluate midyear and think, “hey, what do I want for the rest of the year.” I went to look at my “goals” post for the year and can’t find it so apparently I never wrote it 🤔 So I guess now is really a great time to write something for the year!

Here are my big ones though:

1. Keep staying consistent. This has been my best year of consistency, across the board. Largely due to the fact that I’ve been setting and keeping realistic goals for myself. I have my routines and it’s working for me. My brain and body feel so nourished because of it and I’d like to stay on that path. I meditate every day; I practice language with Duolingo every day; I read every day; I am staying active (walking everywhere, pickleball lessons, barre classes); I’ve been needlepointing and flexing my creativity more than I thought was possible as a mom. I’m proud of myself for this! It sounds so basic to type it out, but really these things ground me and they’re not too hard to incorporate into my daily life.

2. Have fun with clothes. I have to admit that I’m having a lot more fun getting dressed lately. I’m finding new brands that I feel great in and actually having fun getting dressed. I’d like to maybe even experiment more? I don’t know what exactly switched for me and I won’t say it’s going perfectly– I still have plenty of days where I feel uninspired or too tired to try– but I’m moving in a direction that excites me.

3. Enjoy cooking. I don’t know if this is possible, exactly, but I’d like to see if I can, like, force myself to enjoy cooking. I don’t know what is about cooking but the whole thing stresses me out. From planning to shopping to prepping to executing. I’m lucky that I’m married to someone who loves to cook, but I feel like I’m really slacking. It’s probably the area where I feel the most incompetent as a mom/wife. I’ve started following cooking accounts on TikTok though that I think are, at the very least, inspiring me to want to do/be better. I’d love to enjoy it! I want to not feel stressed about it!

Anything you’re working on or reevaluating midyear?!

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Once you start cooking, you will find your “cooking personality”. Some people are organized and stick to recipes, while others experiment and turn the kitchen into chaos. The more you cook, the more you’ll find what your personality is and embrace it!


Take it from someone who hated cooking. What turned it around for me was making dinner without following a recipe. Just put things together based on flavors you like. At first it may be trial and error, but there is no stress of following a recipe. Now when I do follow a new recipe, I tweak it to my liking.


Hi Carly, it is so relatable what you wrote. Can you maybe tell us more about the journey of how (1.) You keep staying consistent? Like how did you start with it and what are the steps that you are doing now to keep consistent? Thank you so much!

Annie Jones

I let myself enjoy a glass of wine or a beer and play my audio book on Alexa. It makes it MUCH more enjoyable for me to cook supper. Also, find cooking shows/accounts that cook the things you and your family actually like. If it’s too fancy and intimidating you’re not going to do it.


I find baking and/or cooking breakfast dishes to be way less intimidating than planning and cooking a dinner. Simpler recipes that use mostly staples. Your goals sound great; I’m inspired to get more consistent myself. Good luck! 🙂


Covid was what helped me get to a point of cooking with variety, enjoying it, and actually planning it. We’ve kept that rhythm in our family still to cut down on takeout and to get lots of good foods in. I think mise en place helped me, and cleaning as I go helps a lot too. I used to hate dishes that took more than one pot or needed a grater and two measuring cups, because the kitchen would be so messy after. But cleaning as I went makes it all a lot nicer.


I will do this today! Great reminder. For food accounts, I love Justine Snacks and cafe hailee.


I definitely want to get back on the train of consistency. The second half of my year is going to be very different from the first half, so I know I’ll need to give myself grace for the transition.


Just keeping trying to cook! I hated cooking! My ex did all the cooking for years but when we separated, I had to fend for myself. After months of eating take out (which was bad for my wallet and my waistline), I forced myself to start cooking. It was a necessary evil. Now two years later, I’m finally semi-starting to enjoy it. It’s take time, but it is possible!


I didn’t like cooking before either and my food never tasted good. I wanted to make food that tastes more like what I might eat in a restaurant (but maybe not so heavy). What really helped me was reading the book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and really becoming unafraid to add plenty of salt at all steps, and also tasting at each step. Whereas before, I would just follow a recipe exactly and not try it until the end. Everyone’s taste buds and kitchen is different so for me adding more salt and tasting as I went, and making sure to also balance with some acid (even just a squeeze of lemon juice at the end) was completely a game changer!

Erin Droese

My favorite thing to do to get into the mood to cook is to pour a glass of wine, sparkling water, tea/coffee – SOME sort of treat that I can sip on throughout the process of cooking. And light a candle! It helps make cooking feel like a special moment in the day!


reading about all your self care habits and your journey in creating and maintaining those habits, including the challenges, has honestly been so inspiring for me and such a positive influence in my life!!

Cheryl Moore

Love the 6 month check idea! I think I will do that tomorrow. Thank you!

Libbi V.

Your goal of staying consistent isn’t basic at all! In a world where there are so many competing priorities, and as a mom (I have 2), I feel like it’s so hard to keep anything going, even if it’s good for us.