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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (eep, February is flying by!), I decided to put together a little bit of a gift guide. Moms, these are perfect little presents for daughters. They’re even great presents for friends. And they’re absolutely amazing presents for yourself. (Because you should really be showing love for everyone this Valentine’s Day… including yourself. Right?)
Or… if you’ve got a little special friend, feel free to drop this post in their inbox as a not-so-subtle hint. (True story: I answer no fewer than five emails a week from boyfriends looking for birthday presents for their girlfriends. It’s awesome.)
I think we can all agree that monograms are kind of perfect. My obsession is borderline unhealthy. Although, I do draw the line on taking monograms too far. There is such a thing as too much. But that line is pretty far out into the distance.
These little gifts have my stamp of approval, for whatever that’s worth.
What’s your favorite monogrammed gift to give & to receive?

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Vanessa Gillette

I love monograms! Thanks for the suggestions Carly!
But, I need an opinion… Can I wear my monogram bracelet and monogram necklace at the same time? Thanks 🙂

Paige Ladisic

I honestly love monogrammed phone cases and necklaces — the best, least overdone sources of monogramming, in my opinion — but I'm starting to get really partial to the monogrammed fleece vests I see everywhere. They're just so simple and adorable!


I love all of these monogramed gifts, especially "The College Prepster" monogram bracelet



monograms are too perfect! i monogram everything i get my hands on. i love the monogrammed pillow! i think that's my next purchase for my room!

pink champagne problems


I have the cutest monogrammed pocket tee that I wear all the time. I got it two sizes too big so it's extra roomy and comfortable 🙂 and so cute with leggings!


I am drooling over this! I recently fell in love with monograms and now I'm looking to own something. Now if only my wallet would allow it. Haha

Julia D.

I think the jewelry and the notecards are my favourite. You must feel a bit fairy godmother-ish trying to help all the clueless boyfriends find the perfect presents for their SO. Have you ever heard back from any of the girls after they've received their presents?