Mom Jeans

I’m really feeling the mom jeans look lately. I love the higher waists and wider cut legs. It’s so funny to me how jeans come in and out of style. I remember in high school when I thought for sure I would never wear skinny jeans… and it’s pretty much what I’ve worn exclusively over the past decade. I’m kind of excited that these higher waist/wider cut legs are coming back. (Although, I don’t think I could ever go back to low-rise jeans… I’m praying that’s just a total myth.)

Trench Coat

I bought these jeans a couple of years ago from Brandy Melville after my sister convinced me to get them. When I look at them on my shelf, I never want to put them on for some reason. Maybe because I don’t feel cool enough? But then when they’re actually on, I love them. Especially with a pair of heels.

Carly the Prepster

I kept things pretty simple except for a little pop with the leopard heels. Because the jeans are wider, I try to stick to tops that I can tuck in, like these turtlenecks.

Mom Jeans  Carly Heitlinger  Velvet Ribbon

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I’ve never been into wearing skinny jeans personally haha. I wear a lot of boyfriend, girlfriend, and straight jeans! I wouldn’t be opposed to wearing mom jeans either. High-waisted pants are an essential for a petite person like myself hehe, and I’m all about comfort, so I welcome the wider legs! Loving this basic look from you 🙂 It’s pretty much my everyday uniform! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I’ve never commented before… It’s about time!

Love this look on you! Also you look so happy and healthy lately!

Brigid Devney-Rye

That’s cute! Maybe I will try some as well. Never thought I would!


I wear bootcut, black jeans exclusively. I find that black jeans work best for a professional, yet casual work environment. I like bootcut because it allows some air flow and doesn’t make my thick thighs look as massive. I think I may look frumpy in Mom jeans since I’m plus size (size 16/18 jeans). Tucking in blouses would highlight my problem areas, so that’s out.


Only you could pull off mom jeans and make them look classic and timeless! Haha! I definitely can’t get away with anything so trendy, but I commend you for making it look effortlessly good. 🙂


Love this look and can completely relate to everything you said. In high school only the “emo girls” wore skinny jeans!! So strange to think about now. I’m completely obsessed with all the cropped, vintage cut “mom” jeans out there and have actually replaced almost all my skinny jeans with them (they work so well for my petite body type). And I agree SO MUCH about low-rise. If that comes back I will just adamantly refuse to take part 😉


Carly, I love this look! I also want to say, I seriously love the way your hair looks when you show off the silver. I recently started going gray and thanks to your blog I try to show off my grays as much as possible 🙂