Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  I feel like Mother’s Day is always the first sign of summer and one of my favorite things about being home over the summer is getting to spend time with my mom.
I think it goes without saying, but Moms are pretty much amazing.  I don’t think a gift can really encompass the true love we have for our Moms.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t try!
First up is my favorite Dogeared.  I love the message that each necklace comes with, and this one is perfect for Mother’s Day!
And obviously, I couldn’t forget about Sydney Buchanan cuffs.  These are seriously perfect for ANY occasion.  Perhaps the XOXO one?
On a budget?  An old fashioned breakfast in bed is perfect.
Wake up extra early and scramble those eggs, cut up the strawberries, brew a pot of coffee and prepare for one happy Mom.
I love these monogrammed necklaces from Marley Lilly with the kids in the family’s names!
What are you getting your mom?

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Totally forgot about Dogeared. I went to their website and realized I have had one of their necklaces years ago and lost it. Amazing jewelry company! Thank you for posting about it for now I can replace my necklace and they make amazing gifts!


that picture is absolutely adorable! now if I could just think of an actual gift besides flowers to send her…


Adorable picture up in your post. Just darling! I am stumped as to what to get my mom, too. It's annoying because every time I ask her she goes, "Don't get me anything!" Now, I respond, "Well, you know you're getting something so you may as well tell me what you want!" Still doesn't work. Hmph.


Great ideas! I got my mom the Philosophy Amazing Grace gift set–they had a special Mother's Day version that said "Philosophy: Mothers are a Gift", and she had mentioned liking it when I've worn it.


I absolutely love your ideas and was hoping you would post something soon! My mom's birthday is Friday the 6th, with the Kentucky Derby the next day, and then Mother's Day!! Ahh… makes it hard. I love the marley lilly necklace, I might have to get it. But I went to etsy and she makes Kentucky Derby hats, so they are one of a kind! If anyone was interested, I ordered my mom a pink one! so cute… plus she's from Kentucky 🙂