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I’ve really been missing my mom lately. Truly missing her. I just want to drive through our favorite Starbucks together in the afternoon or help her follow through with one of her “visions.” (That’s when you know I’m really missing her because that generally ends with me standing on top of some sort of furniture on a chair trying to hang lights up… Or 3,027 trips to Michaels for more ribbon… Or dipping 800 cake pops in neon sprinkles.)
When I watched this video (if you haven’t watched it… You definitely need to!) I cried my little eyes out by the end.
With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s an extra special time to think about our moms and treat them like the royalty that they are! #MomsRock

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Lauren Rose

I miss my mom too! But she and my grandma are driving up tomorrow (8 hours!) to visit me at school! Moms really are the best.


I love my mama, she's the best person I know. She means the world to me, and there literally is not one other person in the world whom I cherish more than her. Our mama's are amazing!

Texas Prep

You could move back to Tampa and do all the same things you do in New York – they have Starbucks and J. Crew and Kate Spade and less people being hit by taxis. You would probably be happier and less stressed all the time.

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

This so struck a chord with me this morning! I went from my Mom living a few hours away and visiting on the weekends for brunches and shopping to moving abroad and now seeing her only a few times a year. We are so good about staying in touch and text every day, but I still go through periods where I miss her and wish that I could spend more actual time with her. It's so easy to see them as one among the many important people in your life, but they really have such a special role and we shouldn't forget that.