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Yesterday and today have been 100% low key, which is just what I needed! I had a bunch of tasks that kept getting transferred to the next day and the next day. I woke up at seven yesterday, started working at eight and really didn’t wrap up until after ten. I only left the apartment twice to run to Starbucks and stretch my legs (and decaffeinate). It wasn’t so terrible during the day, but once I wrapped up I realized how beat I was. The good news is that a bunch of those pesky tasks were finally completed. I spent an hour organizing (still trying to work my way through this list) and then met up with Garrett and his friend for Burgerfi, of course.
I slept in this morning and had my brunch plans canceled, which (honestly) was a relief. I love not having to rush around on Saturday mornings!! Normally, I’m booked a month or so in advance which doesn’t leave much room for spontaneous plans… so I was super excited that I could catch up with my friend Evann who I don’t see enough of.
Evann also got to meet Teddy! Teddy loves all the attention he gets from new friends… honestly, he’s a little ham when it comes to visitors; always on his absolute best behavior and extra cuddly and playful. Training Teddy is something that I know nothing about, so I’ve been heavily relying on different resources to clue me in. He’s still waiting on one more round of vaccinations before he’s allowed to go on NYC sidewalks, but he needs to go outside so he gets familiar with the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Normally, I tuck him into my coat, but that means I only have one arm/hand available.
He also gets heavy, so I bought the Lands’ End canvas tote pet carrier. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s so adorable and Teddy loves it!!! There’s a little cut out dip in the tote where he can pop his head out and safely observe everything that’s going on. (He’s a little bit short right now, so I boost him up by folding up a towel at the bottom of the tote.) Sometimes he gets cold, or tired, and will just curl up inside the tote. 
Warning, if you get one for your dog, be prepared to be stopped every five feet by strangers. Cuteness magnet.
What are you up to this weekend? Relaxing or go go going?

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Rachel Braman

LOVE this!! I can't believe I never thought of getting this bag for Chip! Thanks for passing on this adorable travel idea! xx



So cute! Teddy is adorable!

I do have a suggestion, though. I've seen a lot of comments on your blog and Instagram photos about you inspiring people to get a puppy. Would you maybe consider doing a post on how much responsibility and work a puppy is? I'd hate to see a bunch of people getting puppies without knowing how much work goes into it. That's how lots of perfectly good puppies end up in shelters and eventually have to be put down because there's no one to take them.

Seriously, though, Teddy is the cutest!


Teddy is seriously adorable and that tote is awesome too! I really want to get a dog as my gift to myself on my law school graduation in May and I'll definitely keep this tote in mind!!

Mana Smith

I absolutely need that tote for my dog Howl. It's so amazing. My best advice for training is whatever you decide be consistent. Howl was pad trained when we got him and he still uses pads. We were bell training him so he rang when he needed to go out, but he prefers the pads and was just using the bell to go outside and get sticks. It was so hard at first knowing what to do and when to do it, but we managed and now everything is routine.
For tricks he picked up on those really quickly because we treat trained him, and I swear after his name Treat was the first word he learned. Now he's 9 months old and he knows sit, lay down, roll over, jump, spin, high 5, and shake paw. It usually only takes him a couple days to learn a trick, and then after he gets a new one, we run through all his old ones so he doesn't forget.

Teddy is adorable and is so cute in his tote.

Fashion and Happy Things


Teddy should totally be a little model for that bag! That is just the cutest, and such a great idea for you to tote him NYC!

Also, I've been debating on getting my J.Crew sweaters monogrammed and after seeing yours, I think I may have to go for it!

Aimee Cutcher

I just got a puppy, and he's a toy poodle too. 🙂 I was wondering how you were able to potty train him… At first, I allowed my puppy to sleep in my bed, but when I woke, he had an accident on the floor (this happened every night). Now, he sleeps in a cage near my bed at night, so he will potty in the morning outside. I was wondering: what was your technique on potty-training teddy?