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THE Destination for Monogrammed Gifts

If there’s ONE place to go for the best monogrammed gifts, it’s Mark and Graham. I have both received and given gifts from Mark and Graham and they never disappoint. They totally live up to the Reese Witherspoon quotation, “If it’s not moving, monogram it.” Browsing through the site always gives me great ideas for gifts, so it’s usually one of the first spots I go to when I’m stumped on what to get a particular recipient.

Monogrammed Gifts

Since we’re in the middle of Cyber Week, it’s also a great time to splurge on some gifts for your friends and family (and yourself, of course). Receive 20% off everything (including sale) + Free Shipping with code FRIENDS. Plus today only, receive up to 40% off select men’s items.

Swipe through the widget below for some of my top picks:

Some of the best received gifts that I gave in years past are these pom pom keychains, this leather zip pouch, and this blanket scarf.

Monogrammed Tote

This year, my go-to gift is going to be this Fillmore tote and pouch combo! You can buy each separately (here’s the tote and here’s the pouch), but they’re selling it as a set for a discount. The tote is so simple yet elevated and is appropriate for travel, work, and everyday wear. I have been using it as a carry-on and as an everyday tote while I’m running around town. It’s nice to have the pouch to keep my essentials organized, and it makes it simpler to switch between handbags because I’ve just been popping it in between the different bags.

I originally purchased one for myself and then decided to get my sister and my mom matching ones for Christmas.

Mark and Graham Monogrammed Tote Best Monogrammed Gifts

Mark and Graham Gifts

As if the monograms themselves aren’t enough, every gift from Mark and Graham arrives beautifully wrapped with a thick red grosgrain ribbon. This makes it a no-brainer if you’re having a gift shipped directly to a friend or loved one, you know it’s going to arrive beautifully wrapped ready for the big day! It’s also perfect even if you’re delivering the gift in person because it’s so easy. If you order multiple gifts, there will be a tiny note on the bottom so you can figure out which package holds which gift!

Monogrammed Gift Guide  Monogrammed Tartan Scarf

I splurged on a few “gifts” for myself, because why not. The first is this tartan blanket scarf. It’s really soft and cozy. It looks like this particular one is sold out, but there’s a gorgeous navy tartan still available!

I also got this tech folio to help keep my tote even more organized while traveling or working remotely. There are spots for everything, like your phone, notebook, credit cards, and even headphones. I also got the matching earbud case!

Monogrammed Tech Gifts

Need help checking someone off your list?

Mother in Law: ceramic dipped pitcher

Your BFF: travel jewelry case

Brother: leather stripe flask

Host: wood & marble cheese board

Dad: wood watch box

Mom: initial necklace

Newlyweds: celebration wine bowl

Boyfriend: 2-in-1 garment bag

Girlfriend: daily convertible backpack

Newborn: knit baby blanket

Sister: faux fur hat

Thank you Mark & Graham for sponsoring this post!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I think it’s pretty common for people to have multiples of one kind of item and often swap styles of a certain item in and out, but if something is monogrammed, that’s the one that always stays! My friend got me a monogrammed leather pouch from Madewell two Christmases ago, and I still use it all the time! // Blanket scarves are necessary <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Sujoy Chatterji

Hello My name is Sujoy and i’m from India, came by your website through a friend. I’m definitely buying that tote for my mom too :)). Thanks for the idea. Will come check again.

Karen Karter

Just thought you should know, that I tried to order the Filmore set today (Sunday) and the promo code wouldn’t work. When I called the customer service, she couldn’t help me. Said this tote set didn’t qualify for the 20% discount.


Hey Karen, if you order both the tote and the pouch separately, the total comes out to 119 after applying the 20% discount, so you actually end up saving $10! Not as great as 20% off the set, obviously, but thought I’d share!

Bailey Carver

Love this list! I really want to purchase the airpod case as a gift, but they won’t arrive till April. Do you know of any similar cases?