A month and some change…

We are moving into the second month of 2011.
I started 2011 with no resolutions.  Only a goal.
The goal was to simply follow my mantra: Live Your Dreams.
I am definitely following it still!  I can’t even begin to describe the wonderful and exciting things that have happened this year.  And the best part?  The events weren’t just random or “luck.”  They were pure reflections of hard work, and that, my friends, is a good good good feeling.
I am not one to settle… With that said, I realized I needed to push myself a little bit more.  Work a little bit harder.  And have fun a little more often!
I’ve established a manifesto, if you will:
1) Make a new friend each week.  Taking pictures for my College Fashionista internship is really helping with this one!
(my new friend Maria!)
2) Wear ponytails less frequently.  I’d be happy pulling my hair back every single day.  But I want to not wear ponytails as often!  (French braids, however, are an entirely different story)
3) No more television!  No… I’m not kidding!  I have so many things going on between crew/school/social media stuff that I just don’t have the time!
4) READ MORE!  Not only for class, but for fun.  My Nook makes this a little easier 🙂
Have you guys adjusted/amended/added any “resolutions” for 2011 yet?

PS This is my 500th post!  Whoa.  But seriously, quite fitting.  Live your dreams!

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i did almost the exact same thing! didnt start with any resolutions but made a list yesterday for starting february…and my resolutions were quite similar to yours. strange! the ponytail thing, more internet until after everything is done (i dont watch too much tv), read more-i want to at least read a book for pleasure each month, and the list goes on! xoxo

stephanie l. w.

I love goal-setting! Making more new friends is one of the 25 goals I set for myself this year. You seem as though you're doing a great job and congratulations on your new writing outlet! We should definitely exchange our goals sometime and reflect over them 🙂

Vanity of Perfection

To read more ist a great resolution.
I just can't get off my university books right now. But that will be ending with my last test tomorrow and then I can go back to real books 🙂

p.s. I am reading your blog for a long time now,Ii really like it. Now that I am back in Germany I miss beeing in the USA, so I just check your blog and I feel better 🙂 thanks a lot!!!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Mine is a little more negative which is sad:( But one of my goals was to de-clutter my life this year – clothes, bad friendships, household hoarding and anything else… Out with the negative energy and in with the good!


I love this! My February goals are to continue w/o eating fast food, to run at least 50 miles through the course of the month, to get As on all of my exams, to weigh less than 155 pounds, to stick to a schedule everyday & to make 2 new friends! So far I've stuck to my schedule, have not eaten fast food & I've already made one new friend! This month rocks.


I want an e-reader. My nightstand's stack is getting too high, and it would be nice to have it all in one. I really want to get more fit, but I'm so busy that it's going to have to wait for a while.


My resolutions for 2011 is to do well @ college in Amsterdam and to go back to my all time favorite city, New York, to visit my older brothers! =)

Btw, I do love your blog. Really inspiring!!

/Swedish reader

Jenna Rose Stern

Don't you love being a style guru ?! I just became the style guru for my college Parsons The New School For Design for college fashionista!! Its beyond exciting and rewarding


I love Gossip Girl! Although I felt the seasons got worse as you go along because so many of the same love triangles repeat themselves, there's only so many characters. And yes I am obsessed with the clothes on that show!
For my friend's birthday back in high school we took a "Gossip Girl tour" and got to see all the places that are featured in the show! It was so fun.