Moo Review!

I had business cards printed at Kinkos about a year ago. I loved the design, but the quality wasn’t all that great. They did get the job done and I’ve clearly been using them since I’m right at the end of my once seemingly endless stack!
I’ve also toyed with printing my own business cards. I really love doing this and have no issues at all. It just takes a lot of time, so I tend to do smaller batches.
So months ago (literally months), sent me a $60 credit to get cards printed online to review on here. I was so busy during the last month of school and finally had a chance to play around with this summer.
$60 goes a surprisingly long way online at I figured that I had nothing to lose. I am beyond impressed with:
A) The number of items available online
B) How easy it is to play around with the designs on the website.
C) The quality of the cards is super great!
I got two batches of cards. One batch for my blog and a batch of personal cards! They came packaged in the cutest little boxes ever. 
You can upload up to fifty different designs for the back of your cards. I was designing mine at 1am (please don’t judge me for this), so I only did two. I’m really regretting this right now. I feel like I could have come up with some cute backgrounds!
Melissa designed this for me literally six months ago. She spent a long time building “Carly” (versus College Prepster) inspiration boards and this was the final design. I love love love it and I’m so happy that I had it printed on cards!!! (Guess what… the silhouette is my actual silhouette!) 
I also had an iPhone case made using the same design. Case Mate lets you upload a design and have it printed. I love having a case that NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD has!
Hello beautiful!
(I also got a ton of sticker sheets! Typically I print them myself on little sticker sheets from Office Depot. These are shiny and pretty and stick super well.)

I labeled my Macbook charger 😉

Has anyone else used Moo before? How was your experience?

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Crystal Gonzalez

Those are awesome, Carly! When are you going to share your exciting news that you have been hinting at on Instagram and twitter! I am dying to hear what it is! I am assuming you got your dream job in NYC!?

Julia D.

They're so cute, Carly! I'll be keeping them in mind if I ever need business cards. What separate uses do you have for your personal versus blog business cards?


The timing on this is too funny because I JUST made a batch of calling cards using your Instagram tutorial last week and I love them! These are awesome, though- I especially love the phone case!


Love the phone cover and the stickers! I have a totally unrelated question, though. It sounds like you've kept Dogeared pieces for years. I love their whole aesthetic, but I received a gold dipped friendship pearl necklace which tarnished ridiculously quickly. I want to try again. What has been your experience tarnish wise?


Oh no! I haven't had any issues. My oldest one definitely faded over time, but I've had it for over five years. (I don't get it wet though….)


I didn't get mine wet either, but it didn't last over 6 months. I've been so hesitant I even made my own copycat Karma necklace (which rocked), but I think I'll give them another chance. I'm glad that wasn't your experience, it makes me feel better about picking up some of their ultra cute goodies:)


I have used Moo cards for years. I love all their products – stickers and mini business cards are my favorite! The little boxes and sticker books are precious, and you can get a frame that holds lots of different mini cards and makes a cute but simple collage.

Margaret Lute

I love! I'm an actress and I use mini-cards with my headshot on one side and my contact info on the other to hand out to people. I'm short so I always say "mini cards for a mini actor!" when they comment how unusual they are. They're a great way of breaking the ice.