Moonrise Kingdom

This past weekend, Soccer Mom and I had a little mother/daughter date night! We went to go see Moonrise Kingdom. She had already seen it, but it was my first time and I absolutely loved it!!!
It was so cute and so quirky.
(Someone tweeted at me saying it reminded them of Phoebe in Wonderland, which happens to be my favorite movie, and she was spot on!)
I loved everything about the film, including the super retro outfits.
Suzy was just hilarious. So much preteen angst.
(I kind of want to make this into a cell phone case)
I was also ready to go straight from the theatre to get new glasses… I. Am. Obsessed.
Warby Parker has tons of options that mimic the styles in the film!
I want to go see it again!!! Has anyone else seen Moonrise Kingdom
PS Even if it’s not your kind of movie, the scenery is enough to keep you mesmerized for the entirety of the movie.
PPS I bought the entire soundtrack… this is something that I haven’t done since Princess Diaries!!! 

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I've really been wanting to see that film. My friends say it's great. As far as quirky and cute films go, I stumbled upon Ballet Shoes on Netflix a while back. It's super adorable and features a young Emma Watson.


I had never seen a Wes Anderson film before and I'm glad "Moonrise Kingdom" was my first! It was so quirky and cute. I can't wait until its released on Blu-Ray since it wasn't in theatres very long!



I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan. If you likes Moonrise Kingdom's soundtrack, I think you will equally like the soundtracks from his other movies – and maybe also the movies themselves, too!

Julia D.

I'm always looking for new movies to check out, so I'll have to give this one a try. You mention the scenery being beautiful, do you know where it was filmed? I'm a sucker for an awesome location, it kind of just "makes" the movie for me.


If you're ever in RI you have to go to the Episcopal Church where it was filmed. Amazing. My dad grew up in that town. Newport is amazing.

Jennifer (the Elizabeth Letter)

I just saw this last night based on your recommendation. And I actually went with my mom and she (surprisingly) loved it too. I thought Edward Norton stole the show- but everyone was fantastic. Thanks for recommending!

grace crawford

Around the time of his disappointing and detached The Life Aquatic, I wondered if Wes could still tell real stories. He can. His way. That is all we can ever ask of a filmmaker.

Grace Crawford (Greg Nemitz)