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I really couldn’t collect my thoughts in the way that I wanted when I talked about kindness this morning. Someone emailed me a transcript of this speech around 3am and it was the first thing I read when I got up. George Saunders absolutely captures what I wanted to say, but failed to.

George Saunders’ commencement speech:

“Why aren’t we kinder?”

Amanda is one of my friends that I’ve met through blogging and she’s absolutely perfect. Her gentle reminder pencil collections are just that… gentle reminders.
PS Anyone else super excited for the long weekend? I can’t wait!
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Lisa Hall

Those pencils are amazing! I think I just found my Christmas gifts for all of the phenomenal sorority women in my life!


Angelina Kostenko

I actually cried listening to the speech. Maybe I'm just a baby, but I really love what he said. Kindness is a quality I really value in people, and try to carry out myself. It can definitely be hard.

The 360 Woman