My 2010 Favorites

1)   Macarons.  It all started after my trip to New York City.  I’ve had macarons before, but after enjoying a few on the top of The Classic tray I just knew they would take over the world one day.  No really, I’m convinced they’re the new cupcake (….. are you listening Georgetown Cupcake?).  I started relentlessly blogging pictures of them on my Tumblr and even baking them over Thanksgiving break.  Too delicious.  And, frankly, just too pretty.

(picture from weheartit)

One that I made. Too yum.

2)  Coffee.  Wow.  I used to bug Soccer Mom about her coffee intake.  But I officially “get it.”  Little V and I joke about our addiction.  But it is no laughing matter.  The minute the coffee enters my stomach, I feel like the blood in my veins starts spinning a mile a minute.  Oh, and I come up with some fabulous ideas when I’m on a coffee buzz.  You should see the hypergraphic notes I take.

3)  New York City.  Center of the universe.  Sometime during the year, I realized that I needed to be in the city.  I want to work there.  Live there.  Be there.  I cannot explain where this desire, urge, etc. came from, I just know it’s what I will do.  To test myself and make sure my crazies wouldn’t get in the way, I bought a train ticket on a whim, booked a hotel, and whisked off to Manhattan.  Armed with no fewer than eight lists, I embarked on adventures around the city.  Alone.  And survived to tell the tale.

4)  Kate Spade.  Guess what.  Kate Spade was on My 2009 Favorites post.  But that’s just how much I love it.  I think last year, I was more in love with just the clothes and shoes.  This year, I’m way more into the BRAND.  Uber important.  Unlike Lilly Pulitzer (which is getting to a point beyond repair IMHO), Kate Spade has maintained an unbelievable brand, experience, lifestyle, the works.  Hear that people from Kate Spade?  You’re doing great.  Keep it up.

5)  E-readers.  This was THE YEAR for electronic readers.  I’m not going to delve into the debate of printed books versus electronic books, but I will tell you that I have read an incredible number of books since purchasing my Barnes & Noble Nook in June.  Oh, did I mention that I published my book (The Freshman 50).  Yes.  If you don’t already have a Nook, Kindle, iPad, whatever… I suggest starting 2011 off with one!  Resolve to read more classics, perhaps?

6)  Nail Polish.  I know I’ve posted a million times before about nail polish this fall, but I really have grown to love the special look of painted nails.

7)  Rings.  Not only have I actually found rings that don’t cause me to have panic attacks (no really, I normally FREAK OUT the minute I even think about putting a ring on), but I actually wear them!  And I’m not bothered by the foreign finger object.  [I have learned to not french braid hair while wearing rings….. Forty minutes and a pair of scissors later………….]

8) HENLEY.  Honestly one of the best times of my life.  I was very very very excited when they asked me if I wanted to cox.  I wasn’t the four rowers’ normal coxswain, so I was even more thankful to have gotten the chance to go.  It was a lot of training, a shortened summer, no desserts, a ruptured eardrum, but so so so so so worth it.  I can’t even really put it into words, and I feel extremely lame for really even trying to do so.  Impossible.

9) Netflix. Honestly, the best thing since sliced bread.  Just sayin’.  The best part is that I end up watching things that I might not have picked out on my own, but end up LOVING.
10) Tumblr/Twitter.  Blogger and WordPress are great, don’t get me wrong… but I love the microblogging world.  I feel like I’ve met so many cute and great people through Tumblr and Twitter!!!

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The Kate Spade brand is SO great right now!!!!!! I remember when they used to just be a kind of boring brand with basic boxy nylon bags. In the past few years they have gotten everything so, so right!


I love all you favorites! And I think I might need to try some macarons because I've never had one! Or maybe I shouldn't.. because I might gain 10 pounds they sound so incredible!