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This week has been crazy and I’m really looking forward to this weekend. After going back and forth about a million and a half times, I’ve decided to go to Boston again this weekend. It’s the Head of the Charles regatta…. but I’m really going because LITTLE V is stateside!!!! It’s been so so so long since I’ve seen her. Seriously. Over a year!
I think we might need to do an outfit coordination for old times’ sake.

While I’m really excited about this weekend, I’ve been trying to get extra work done now so I can enjoy the weekend work free. Unfortunately, I don’t have all that much free time to begin with. 4:55 alarm clocks just should not exist. 
These are the five things getting me through the week:
Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins | Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are amazing… but the shaped ones are even better! While the Easter eggs taste the best (right?), the pumpkins are pretty amazing too. I really can’t even keep them around because I simply can’t stop eating them. My mom sent me a few packets and they went straight the fridge! They’re definitely even better when chilled.
Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition | This is the only television show I watch right now. I think there are a ton of shows that look interesting, but I don’t have the time to keep up with them every week… and I don’t even have cable so it makes it challenging to watch television at all. BUT, I’m a Dance Moms fan. There, I admit it!!! Yikes! The regular show is over, but this show is ridiculous times two. But, entertaining nonetheless.
Warm Socks | I am in denial that it’s the middle of October. Next thing you know it’s going to be Thanksgiving… and then Christmas! I feel like summer was just a few minutes ago, so I can’t quite deal with the cold yet. I love the fall foliage and the boots and the sweaters, but my apartment is getting colder by the day. The mornings are seriously chilly! Warm socks to the rescue.
Polar Seltzer Water | This stuff is great! I’m trying to drink less coffee and more water, but I find water to be quite boring. The flavors of the seltzer water are so really refreshing… the fruity ones are the best. It’s definitely a good alternative to soda if you want to drink less of that.
Pret | A new Pret just opened up on the same street as the Levo League office. Amazing. First of all, every single employee is SO HAPPY all the time. It’s the best little afternoon pick-me-up just to be in there because they make the environment so friendly and energetic. (Try not to smile when everyone starts cheering randomly!) They even love us so much that they gave us free muffins earlier this week. It’s the little things. My favorite Pret items: tomato/mozzarella toastie, Yoga Detox Bunny, and…… drum roll…. the Love Bar. I have converted all the Levo Leaguers into Love Bar fans. (Including Lo Bosworth who is now working out of our offices…. yep.)
What things do you love that get you through long/stressful weeks?

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I just got really into "How I Met Your Mother". Its my late night TV craving. Hope you have fun in Boston!!!The foliage is really great here.


Peanut Butter Eggs and Pumpkins are the best candy in the world! I stock up on them during each holiday and keep them in the freezer to get me through to the next one.


I don't usually watch TV but my roommate is super into Abby's Dance Competition and I've got to admit it's kind of addicting…


Love Pret. They are scattered throughout downtown DC and at Union Station. Pret is my lunch go-to, and I know exactly what I'm eating. I also love Dance Moms, but can only watch when I know I have time to sit down for multiple hours..


I love Dance Moms! I thought I was out of my dance phase considering I stopped dance when I was 18. Nope. Miss Abby, she's got me hooked!

Shay Lianna

Aw! Head of the Charles! I miss that. For three of my four years at BU I would wake up to the noises on that weekend. Something I'll always associate with fall!


Deonnah Davis

Omgosh! I'm seriously obsessed with your posts! Your Friday favorite are absolutely great! My favorite things to have at the end of a stressful week are sherbet (I love the raspberry kind), painting my nails, reading through blogs, and Pinterest! They are so great! I hope I find a great job like the Levo league!! I'm so jealous that you are working with LO bosworth! Can't wait for your next post! Patiently waiting!!!

Julia D.

I was going to post a thoughtful comment about how I hope you had fun in Boston because you really deserve the break and that I'm glad you've found things to get you through the stressful times, etc. but all of that went out the window the second you mentioned Lo Bosworth. So jealous! What does she do at Levo?