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Best of 2018 Buys

Somehow Thanksgiving is in a week. (Is anyone else asking themselves how in the world this is possible??) And then it’s Black Friday and then Cyber Monday… so basically, the holiday shopping season is here. It felt like my gift guides were going up prematurely, but now it feels like I’m behind!!

(Remember you can always find my gift guides easily here!)

So far I’ve shared tips on where to find gifts, my personal wish list, and practical “adulting” gifts.

Today I thought I’d recap some of the best things I’ve purchased or received this year aka it’s kind of like my “best of 2018”! I would recommend all of these things in general and would consider them to make great gifts as well. I started keeping a running list and I hope I managed to remember them all.

Best Buys

Birdies Slippers // I actually received these as a gift at Julia’s sister’s bridal shower. Everyone there got a pair and most everyone slipped right into them at the party. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d even wear them because I have a pair of slippers that I love already (LL Bean’s Wicked Good). Well, wouldn’t you know, I basically live in the Birdies now. They’re so comfortable. The inside is super smooth (I think it’s satin?) and there’s memory foam too. I slip right into them when I get out of bed, leave them outside the shower to slip back into, and wear them throughout my workday at home. They are just as chic as they are comfortable too– you won’t look like you’re wearing your grandma’s slippers!

Tortoiseshell Clutch // I’m 90% sure I got this clutch this year, but it may have been last year. (Whoops, just found my email receipt… I bought it in October 2017.) Regardless of when I bought it, it’s been a staple for me this year so I’m still going to include it. The tortoiseshell works surprisingly well as a neutral. I have used this clutch for casual outfits (think jeans and a button down) and even dressed up (with a gown for a black tie wedding). That is as versatile as it gets!!

Longchamp Cosmetics Case // My mom got these for my sister and me out of the blue this summer. I didn’t think I had a huge need for it, but it’s become a go-to for everyday organization. I have used it for my makeup essentials (it won’t fit everything, but all your basics 100% fit) and in my purse for band-aids, medicine, and other “must haves” for traveling. It’s such a cute case, too. Would be great for holding pens and pencils in a work tote as well.

Fluffy Robe // I am OBSESSED with this robe. This is probably my absolute no-questions-asked favorite thing. I feel like such a grandma whenever I put it on, but I don’t even care. I love drying off out of the shower and putting on the robe. If I could, I would wear this baby out in public. I, of course, had it monogrammed.

Mochamaster Coffee Maker // My trusty little coffeemaker bit the dust earlier this year. (Of course, right outside of the warranty 🙄) I upgraded to this Mochamaster at the recommendation of my friend and, wow. Talk about an upgrade. I was skeptical, thinking all at-home coffee tasted the same regardless of the price of the machine… but I’m a convert now. Even using the same beans, this coffee maker makes a better, more delicious cup.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo // This dry shampoo is officially my holy grail product. It took me a while to come up with a best practice system for it, but now I am fully addicted and can’t live without this stuff. I can use it to revitalize dirty hair and bring it back to life! I should probably start buying the bottles in bulk at this point– this set includes a travel and full-size, perfect for stuffing stockings!!

Silk Scrunchies // I am not a scrunchie person… or so I thought. If you don’t have some of these yet, trust me, you’re going to want them. My mom gave me one of the big scrunchies and then I received a set of the small ones while traveling with Elizabeth Arden last month. They are AMAZING. They work for all kinds of hair types– thin, think, straight, curly– and hold your hair well without causing dents. I have used other hair ties that do a good job, but so far, these do the best job. I especially love to use them when I sleep because they’re silk and I can’t feel them at all. I gave one to Meghan to use while we were in the Catskills (because she was going to sleep in a plastic clip…..) and I think I successfully converted her into a scrunchie person as well.

Suede Boots // These were a gift from Margaux, one of my favorite brands of shoes. I would have included the flats again, but I’ve been wearing them for years (and still really really really love them). These boots surprised me… both for me liking the style as they’re slightly trendier than what I go for and for the level of comfort they provide. These are the newest addition to the “best of” for this year, but so deserving of their place. I know I’ll be wearing these from now until next spring as one of my go-to winter shoe options.

Gal Meets Glam Collection // I couldn’t do this post without including Gal Meets Glam. I know Julia and I are friends, but I swear I’m not just a fan of the brand because of that. The dresses are truly some of my favorite pieces I own now. My closet is slowly but surely undergoing a GMG takeover. I love the fit, the prints, and the details (like the pockets!!!).

Monogrammed Tote & Cosmetic Case // When I saw this online, I almost thought it was too good to be true. Certain brands make almost the exact same bag for 5x the price. I love that this one comes with a coordinating pouch because it helps with organization. It’s totally a 2-for-1 deal here and I love it. So much so, in fact, that I bought one for my mom (sorry for spoiling the surprise mom!) and one for my sister.

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Looove the Birdies slippers; I remember when you first shared about them on the blog! Those LL Bean moccasins look comfy too. For the longest time, I wanted UGG Dakota Slippers :3 I still wouldn’t be opposed to them… Right now I wear my Adidas cloud foam slides around the apartment LOL. Not the warmest slipper necessarily, but the cloud foam is so comfyy. I actually meant to get Adidas slides as pool slippers, but this pair was so comfy that I wanted to wear them all the time, and so they’ve become indoor slippers 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Will the tortoiseshell clutch hold a cell phone? Can you please give me an idea of how much it will hold? Thank you!


What is your best practice for the dry shampoo? I tried that one and wasn’t impressed – would love to hear the best way to use it! I generally dry shampoo the night before, so maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?


Hi Carly! Great post, and thanks for the gift inspiration. At some point, could you do a tutorial on dry shampoo and how you use it?


Just ordered the fluffy robe! So excited. Can’t wait to wear it while lounging watching holiday movies! To me from me present?!?!?


The Longchamp cosmetic case fits so much stuff! And their larger dop kit is deceptively big.


Oh my goodness, yes! I’ve had the same tortoise clutch for a couple years now and it works with almost every outfit! I also may or may not have a pension for ordering a new dress from Julia every time she releases a new collection! They are all perfect. You have my interest peaked regarding the coffee maker, that just make a great gift for my coffee-obsessed dad!