My Four Favorite Snacks

I’ve become a pretty passionate snacker. Sitting at a desk all day long can get boring and I love to have something to nibble on throughout the day. Plus, I can go from zero to hangry hungry in about sixty seconds. And when I’m hungry, it’s not pretty.

ONE // Apples + Nutella
This is a new favorite that Garrett got me hooked on. He claims it’s healthy because of something to do with glucose mixing with sucrose (no idea, I’m no nutritionist). All I know is that it’s a winning combination. Really anything with Nutella is great… am I right? Probably one of the greater kitchen purchases we’ve made is an apple slicer. It makes an apple (with or without Nutella) an easy snack in a hot second. (I have a permanent retainer on the back of my teeth and eating an apple the normal way always causes problems! Sliced apples are necessary.)
Every afternoon I start thinking about those apple slices dipped in Nutella… I’m addicted!
TWO // Granola Bars

I’ve been a granola bar fan for as long as I can remember. Chocolate Chip and S’mores Chewy bars were essentially the main food group in my diet when I brought my lunch to school. Actually longer than that… you can see a box of them tucked on my shelf in my college dorm room!

They’re still one of my favorite snacks, but my taste has evolved a bit. I’m a big fan of Kind and Clif bars. The KIND Plus Cranberry Almond bars and Wild Blueberry Almond CLIF Organic Trail Mix bars are definitely my two favorites right now. I love to eat them in between meals or on my way to a meeting where I need to be focused and feel great.

THREE // Nourish Snacks

Garrett and I are obsessed with Nourish Snacks. Thank goodness they’re portion controlled because otherwise I would eat my entire weight in them every single day. Garrett’s been known to stash a few in his Barbour coat pockets in case of emergency (aka when he gets hangry). These are my go-to snacks before a yoga class. I hate feeling full doing yoga but I also have to eat beforehand otherwise I have a bad practice.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the flavors, but here are some of my recommendations: Mocha-Mazing, Monkey Love, Miss Popular, Mr. Popular, Ménage-a-mix, Almond to Cherries, and PB Jammin. Basically… all of them! Use “CollegePrep” for 10% off your order!

FOUR // Popcorn

Popcorn for me is a “treat.” I freaking LOVE popcorn. Unfortunately, I have no self-control when it comes to popcorn. Can’t stop, won’t stop. I prefer popcorn popped on the stove, but tend to do microwave (I know, not healthy!!!!) packages. Teddy, oddly enough, loves popcorn too so he gets to nibble on a few pieces. It’s hilarious to hear him smack and crunch.

What’s your favorite mid-day snacks? Anything I should try this week?

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I swear by Chobani cups midway through the day! They provide the perfect pick me up and are quite filling while being relatively good for you. I also like having Naked smoothies because they are high in fruit value and while they aren't actual food they taste delicious. And finally, I love red, yellow, or orange peppers. Probably one of the few vegetables that I can raw. And while they are delicious raw, I definitely would suggest a little bit of hummus. I am definitely a big snacker and often prefer snacking a little bit throughout the day over larger meals.

Annie N Belle


The Chobani cups are awesome! My favorite snack is a plain Chobani yogurt, with a banana sliced on top, a big drizzle of honey and some chopped almonds. Yum!


I put popcorn kernels in a brown paper lunch bag and microwave them
You don't get all the nasty chemicals, but it's just as easy.

Olivia Stieren

Popcorn is my all-time favorite snack! My mom always made it on the stove-top, so now I insist on doing the same. If you don't have a Whirley Pop, get one – makes it so much easier and fun for stove-top popping!

I loooooooove Nutella, but usually eat it with bread…sounds like apples are an even more delicious and healthy option.

Thanks for the great recommendations!

Taylor Anthony

My favorite snack that I love and is so easy to make: Cucumber sandwiches. They are so simple, you just put small pieces of meant and cheese between two cucumber slices. Healthy & delicious!

I have to say, I am sucker for some nutella though!

Taylor Anthony // Prep, Please! Blog


I looove apples and crunchy peanut butter. And I also have one of those apple slicers, which is a lifesaver! I have a permanent retainer too and it's one of the most annoying things ever to get food caught in there. I also love crackers with hummus and cheese slices 🙂


Champagne Star

I used to eat a lot of chocolate and candy at my desk, but I'm starting to eat more healthy snacks while at work too. I love granola bars, but I have to be careful with Cliff bars, those things are so addictive. Lol you can't eat just one!


They sound like mine!! About the only things I'd add are crackers and cheese or apples and peanut butter 🙂

Caitlin Cooper

Love these snack ideas! I tend to apples and peanut butter, but now I'll definitely have to try nutella! Otherwise, I love snacking on either a variety of nuts, ritz crackers + cheese, or a raspberry and banana slice mix!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep

Julia D.

I love a small bowl of unsalted almonds mixed with some dark chocolate chips. It is such a yummy combo and I've noticed it always gives me a huge energy burst. I'm also a huge fan of CLIF bars. HUGE.

Andrea Miller

Great ideas, Carly! I have been so sick of just grabbing a granola bar. I can't wait to try the nutella and apples.