My Most Worn Pieces

I didn’t intend on having this outfit be completely comprised of my most worn items, but as I went through and reviewed photos, I realized that they are! I wear these things all the time. You’ve probably definitely maybe seen these quite a bit. Not only are they wardrobe staples, I feel my most comfortable while wearing them– together or not.

Striped Shirt

While I am far (VERY FAR!) from having a capsule collection wardrobe, I have been so much better over the past couple of years of only bringing in items that I feel 100% good in. It makes getting dressed in the morning, and even getting dressed for special occasions and important events, so much easier. I know that no matter what I pull out of my closet, I’m going to be happy with my selection.

It’s not worth buying a top in that you know will be tough to match with bottoms. Or a dress that’s not easy to bend down in. Or jeans that don’t fit just right.

Carly Heitlinger

THESE JEANS // I bought these jeans on a whim. It was actually a slight “fashion emergency,” where I was late to my own birthday party unable to get home fast enough to change so I stopped the taxi, walked into the nearest store, bought these on the spot, and walked out wearing them. I did get them hemmed a little bit a few days later, but honestly, they’ve been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. And an impulse buy at that! The exact wash is sold out, but it’s available in a one that looks very close. They’re so comfortable that I actually prefer them over yoga pants while working from home.

THIS STRIPED SHIRT // Besides jeans, this is 100% my most worn item. I have been styling it for years on my blog and in my personal life, it’s just something I go for all. the. time. I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this shirt (which, btw is 50% off today!!!) because I have washed it hundreds of times and it looks just as great as the day that I bought it.

Hermes Bracelet

THIS CUFF // This was the souvenir I bought for myself during my first trip to Paris. At the time it seemed like an ungodly amount to spend on a bracelet. It still is quite an expensive splurge but I couldn’t be happier with it. I wear it year round. Dressed up and dressed down. I love how it looks alone and with my diamond tennis bracelet.

THESE RINGS // I love these two rings, on their own and stacked together. The sapphire/diamond was a gift for my birthday and I bought the diamond one myself. They’re quite dainty and add a bit of sparkle without going over the top.

Casual Stripes

THESE FLATS // While this color is relatively new in my closet, it’s no secret how much I LOVE these ballet flats. They’re so incredibly comfortable and are priced so well for the quality. They hold up– even with frequent wears on unforgiving sidewalks (like NYC).

Margaux Ballet Flats    J. Crew Striped Shirt

Striped Shirt // Jeans // Ballet Flats // Similar Bag // Similar Scarf // Similar Cuff // Similar Necklace 

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Jane Evans

These are classics. As a scarf lover, have you considered framing a Hermès scarf? I have a neighbor who does beautiful art walls with a mix of styles but the scarf prints are always eye catching.


love classic pieces 🙂 makes it so easy to get ready in the morning.

btw what color is your bracelet/cuff?

Lauren G

I have the same Madewell jeans and I can never recommend them enough!! I’m constantly recommending them to friends who want great quality at a reasonable price. Now I just need to buy myself a pair of Margaux shoes- they look so comfy and cute on the daily!