My Picks: Small Handbags

I’m dreaming (really, only dreaming) of getting a small little handbag. Realistically, I know myself pretty well. I just am not a handbag person. In theory, I love the idea of having a nice little collection of purses and handbags to coordinate with my outfits. In reality, I use my Longchamp totes all the time.
It’s kind of like my obsession with lipstick and wanting to be able to pull it off!
Anyway, this summer I was looking at investing in a handbag. I am still considering that option (maybe a holiday present to myself?), but these little handbags are quite the charmers. I’m known for carrying literally anything you might need (see: OMG I wish I had a….) with me at all times. But a small handbag would force myself to consolidate. And I like that.
I also love the textures of these bags. Because the bags are small, you can get away with a little bit more color and texture… it’s not so overwhelming in bite-size pieces!

Which is your favorite? Do you carry big or small handbags?

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Katie Hairfield

Its super unnerving how much I relate to this post. By the way, I'm "healthily" obsessed with your blog. Its a bookmark I check right after facebook (which means you're pretty up there by way of bookmarks).. 🙂

Forever a fan, Katie

Kelsey Odorczyk

I have a bug longchamp and a little longchamp that I use 95% of the time . But when I go out I use cross body satchels. Aldo actually has really cute ones for really really cheap. I have one for each season 🙂

But I am a huge fan of that tangerine j crew one here!


Hey Carly! I was wondering if you could do a post on how you keep track of your finances? I think a lot of people would find a budget post helpful!! I need a budget so I can save up enough to buy one of these bags!


I use my (large red!) Longchamp EVERY day. It holds everything I need for work, plus essentials. I do have a few smaller, nice cross-body bags for things like football games and going out. My favorite places to go are Target (great fot football games when we aren't at our most…. alert, to put it nicely hehe) AND…. Chico's! Yes, the place for moms and grandmas. My mom works there so she gets discounts, and their cross body bags are pretty nice! They are between seasons right now, so there isn't much to show from their website… but take a peek! You will definitely not have to worry about someone else having your bag. Hehehe.


I embarrassingly carry a longchamp tote during the day for gym clothes and whatnot and a cross body bag. I love the smaller side satchels for going out though! Definitely worth grabbing.

Samantha Nicholson

I carry a big bag around with me, but it always has a little bag inside with the essentials. If I have a place to park the big one, just me and the small one are on our way!Of course, these are adorable!!


I only like small purses during the summer, only because it's not a hassle to carry around due to the heat and stuff. During winter, I carry a big purse because I like to carry my scarf and gloves just in case I need it. ^.^

Julia D.

LOVE the first, third, fourth, and last ones. Though they're all cute. I generally carry big bags, which looks pretty hilarious because I'm small, just because I like having everything I need with me.