My Rule

It’s officially riding boot season… Three cheers for BOOT WEATHER!!!
I am beyond ecstatic.  I do love flats and sandals and flip flops (I am from Florida after all).  But….. there is something to say about that first time you slip into a pair of boots after months of pedicure-exposing shoes.
Want to know my favorite part about boots though?
I have a rule.
I only wear ridiculous socks!  I always wear two of the same sock (like I match them to each other), but I don’t like matching them to my outfit.  I like that the craziness is covered up by leather!
 I order most of my socks from the J. Crew factory store.  I normally buy a bunch right when it starts getting chilly out.  I go through old socks and retire old pairs.
J. Crew Argyle Trouser Socks
Gap has cute options too!

Does anyone else wear cute socks under boots?

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Gracie Beth

I know this sounds like a strange place but American Eagle had some GREAT knee high socks a few years back so I love to wear those under my boots.


I do this too! One of my best finds was socks that appear to be plain black, but have crazy patterns (stripes, dots, you name it) on the soles! They're so fun to wear with boots.



I think everyone should express their individuality via their socks. One never knows when they will be required to remove their shoes and to me their is nothing worse than a old pair of white crew socks hiding under them!

Anna H

I usually just grab the first pair of white crew socks from my drawer. Maybe this year I need to invest in some new socks! I just got some knee high argyle Gamecock socks and I can't wait to wear them!


hahahaha, yes! glad to find another fun sock lover out there in the world. :] my socks never ever match the rest of my outfit when I'm wearing boots. I just pull out a pair at random from the sock drawer.


HAHA I have the same rule!!! Only my super long gap argyle socks (I have a billion pairs, collect 'em every Christmas) or my polka dotted and neon leopard print styles. Nothing solid and boring under my riding boots!


I love to wear fun socks inside my boots. As a knitter, I love to wear my hand-knit socks or fun holiday themed socks, no matter what month it is.