“My supporters, my supporters are you ready?”

This is the beginning part of one of the GAMES we play during a Grassroot Hoyas session. “My Supporters” helps the kids understand the importance of social support. The kids have to identify the people in their lives who can give support in tough times. Also, the game brings awareness of the consequences of stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS and to have the kids commit to supporting people living with HIV/AIDS in their lives.

I thought this would be the perfect little post for today since all of my SUPPORTERS have been so great these past few days. I’ve received many, many emails from all kinds of wonderful people telling me how much they appreciated my blog. I’ve also received many, many mean spirited emails/tweets/comments as well, but knowing that I have such fabulous supporters has really helped!

Here’s a video that may give you a better idea about what we do for Grassroot Hoyas:

Don’t forget about my Anne Klein watch GIVEAWAY.

And please, please, please consider donating to TEAM UP!

Y’all are AWESOME!

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Gosh, I hope Adelaide has a great weekend…will be waiting for an update and see if she runs into Luke again…you have captured my interest…Oh, and have a great weekend Carly!