Okay. So I have to admit something… I don’t normally watch TV, but lately I’ve been getting hooked on shows. I don’t have the patience to come back week after week for live television, but when whole seasons are online, it’s game over. Garrett and I watched the latest series of OITNB (love it) and we’re working our way through House of Cards. But we watch it together.
On my own, I’ve been watching Nashville. It started when I was flying back from London earlier this year. We were literally on the runway for two hours and then in the air for over nine I think. Let me just say… I got totally hooked on Nashville. I was zipping through those episodes like candy and was actually disappointed when we landed.
Then I discovered that the series was on Hulu Plus. (Not even sure how I got signed up for Hulu Plus, but I don’t hate it.)
I don’t even like country music and I just think the show is the best. Amazing characters and great plot lines… and the singing and songs. Plus, Connie Britton can do no wrong. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love her more in this than Friday Night Lights! I love Hayden Panettiere. I love Lennon and Maisy. I just love the show. It reminds me of the movie Country Strong, which just so happens to be one of my favorite movies.

I love sharing my favorite movies and books and I just couldn’t pass up sharing this show with you too. I’m already counting down to the release of Season 3 this fall. I think I may just have to make this a show I watch every week!
Anyone else a Nashville fan? Any favorite TV shows right now that you can’t get enough of?

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I haven't started watching Nashville but I think I might have to start! People really seem to love it and I do love all the actors in it. Right now I am obsessing over Pretty Little Liars and True Blood because it is the series last season!

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Audrey Lin

I was hooked on Nashville awhile ago, but then I stopped and I don't quite remember why. I'm afraid of going back to it, because then I'll never be able to get on with my life! haha. I've been obsessed with Game of Thrones and American Horror Story. Less than a week after you posted about Orange is the New Black, I finished season 1! I can't find a place to stream season 2, but I'm getting there haha, slow and steady wins the race! OH and I caught up with Gilmore Girls a few months ago and I'm still obsessed, and I've been meaning to watch One Tree Hill. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Rainy days mean I'm off work, so when I finished PLL on Netflix last night, I knew I needed to find something else to binge watch fast. Thanks for the Nashville tip!

Fiona Stevenson

I am loving The Mindy Project (which is also on Hulu+). Unfortunately, I just finished it last night so I've been looking for a new show. I'll definitely have to check out Nashville!


I've never watched it, but people do really like it and I loveeed Friday Night Lights so maybe I'll have to watch it! I also watched Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, plus New Girl, Parks and Rec, and Mindy Project, but I've watched all the episodes of all of them (except New Girl… I wish Netflix would put up last season!). Now I'm finishing up The West Wing… it's definitely the best show ever made but I always seem to get hooked on another show and don't finish watching WW. I watch to finish though, so now I'm in the middle of the fourth season! It is downright amazing.


Tori Scheller

I don't watch much TV, but Nashville stole my heart & I've been obsessed with it ever since I randomly found it on Netflix one day…if you finish the series, you should definitely check out Army Wives- it's worth shedding tears over!

xo, Tori @ Victoria Grace


I LOVE Nashville! It's one of my favorites. I love the music so much in it. I also love the city of Nashville and go every change I get, so that may have fueled my love for the show! Lennon & Maisy are amazing, I got to see them live at the Grand Ole Opry last summer and they did not disappoint!


I'm the same way- not a huge fan of country music but these catchy songs get stuck in my head. Love Nashville & pretty much anything on ABC!