I can’t get over this outfit! I feel like I’m seeing two very distinct patterns emerging with fashion right now. On one hand I’m seeing SO much color and pattern– vibrant dresses, punchy shoes. On the other hand, there’s been a big return of simple classics, too. I love seeing more color on my Instagram and TikTok feeds, for sure, but I also LOVE that I’m able to go to my usual favorite retailers and find wardrobe staples again. While cozy at-home wear and comfortable smocked dresses had their rightful moment for the past couple of years, I think the world is ready to rebuild their wardrobes. Probably a good metaphor: ready to get back to business and have more fun, too.

I picked out this outfit for a sponsored Instagram post (going live later today!) and loved the outfit so much, it needed to be featured on the blog, too. I love it. It feels so me. Or at least the “me” I’m striving to be.

One challenge of sponsored posts, especially when you’re working with a single retailer, is that you typically have to choose your outfit from a lookbook. Scrolling through the PDF, selecting products, and putting together an outfit can take hours. You have to consider your own personal style, what will convert well for sales, what will photograph well for social engagement… all from what you’re allowed to choose from. I love how this came together. I knew I would love all the pieces individually and crossed my fingers for the final look.

The bag is actually my very favorite. It’s SO cute and holds a lot. Will absolutely be a bag I reach for frequently as we move into warmer months. It comes in four different color combinations so you can totally pick one that works the best with your existing wardrobe. (The ivory would be so cute for brides.)

Blazer // Striped Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Handbag*

* All products c/o of J. Crew!


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Love the whole look! Do you know if the pants come in a similar cut but with a stitched hem? Thanks and happy Monday!