Navy Off the Shoulder

Leading up to our trip to the Bahamas, Vineyard Vines sent us each a few boxes of clothes. It was a bit like Christmas because I wasn’t exactly sure what would be inside! The three of us (Kelly, Mackenzie, and myself) are all the same size so we knew we could mix, match, and trade if we needed to while traveling.

My first reaction to this dress wasn’t great. It’s definitely one of those items that you have to see on your body before making judgments. I almost didn’t even bring it because I knew I wouldn’t wear it. I threw it into my suitcase in case one of the other girls would want to wear it and, well, I ended up putting it on one night and loved the way it looked. Go figure.

Off the shoulder items are so tricky to nail. I’ve tried on some OTS tops and dresses that just don’t work, but this one definitely works.

Vineyard Vines Dress

I got dressed up for dinner one night so I wore it with my wedges. You could just as easily throw this on as a coverup with sandals or toss on a baseball cap and sneakers.

Navy Eyelet Dress

We took thousands of photos over the course of three days and this one is my absolute favorite. You can fake laugh all you want for a photo, but nothing will beat real belly laughs. This day got off to a rocky start– and we survived and came out the other side friends. for. life. By the time the sun was setting, I think we were a little delirious and everything was just that much funnier.

Off The Shoulder Eyelet Dress

Nothing like salty air for my hair. I battle with my hair pretty much every day of my life (or just give up completely), but I think it’s truly in its best form at the beach. The salt gives it the best texture for buns and braids.

Nautical Dress

Mackenzie’s Dress // Kelly’s Jacket + Pants

Carly Heitlinger

Dress (c/o) // Wedges // Sunglasses

Photos by Sean Gale Burke!

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Absolutely adore the way you look in that dress. Off-the-shoulder items never, ever work for me, which is sad because I definitely do love them.