It’s here!!! My collection with Neely & Chloe was truly a dream for me to work on. I have loved the brand for years and being able to work with the team and get to know them more personally, while also dreaming up new pieces and a fun print for the collection, was better than I could have imagined. I’m thrilled that you can shop the collection now and I hope you love the pieces as much as we do…


Neely & Chloe handbags have been some of my very favorite wardrobe staples for years and years. Their classic, functional silhouettes are thoughtfully designed to be worn for all kinds of occasions. It was a dream to add my own personal touch to my go-to pieces from N&C (and extra delightful to add new designs to their lineup). For me, blue and white is a warm-weather neutral. This collection takes the pretty and practical pieces the brand is known for and adds summer-ready stripes for a decidedly CARLY twist.

I’m all about a practical tote that can get you everywhere you need to go with everything you need. It’s a bit of a pick your own adventure with three sizes. Bring everything you need with the Large Everyday Everywhere, a few of your favorites with the Small, or just the essentials with the Micro. (Also a great matching moment with your mini me.)


Two pouches to keep your essentials organized wherever life takes you. They make switching between your favorite bags a breeze– bring yours to the pool by day and then carry it on its own by night! (Carly Tip: The Small fits a Kindle Paperweight perfectly!)

This insert is the quickest way to turn your favorite tote into your new go-to diaper bag. An organized mom’s dream! It can also be carried on its own!

A double-duty finishing touch. The Twilly pairs beautifully with the signature Lady Bag or elevates your summer ponytail.

Inspired by a favorite sewing project I completed a few years ago, this insert adds a little bit of extra personality to the chic (yet practical) woven leather tote– a new design for Neely & Chloe. Tied with bows, it’s utter perfection!


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Katherine Parthum

Hi Carly! Amazing collection 🙂 Can you share where you found that flag sweater? Thank you!