New Hair Straightener!

I’ve been straightening my hair every day since eighth grade.  
A family friend recommended that I try some sort of ceramic hair straightener or flat iron to combat my frizzy curls.  For Hanukkah that year, I received my first Chi hair striaghtener!  I have straightened my hair with a Chi, and absolutely nothing else, ever since.
I’ve gone through quite a few Chis (cheese… ha.), but the replacements were always identical.  I never wavered in my decision.  The Chi worked fine, why risk buying another brand?
This week, however, I have officially switched straighteners.
(Yes, they sent me one to review… and yes, I’m 100% honest in my review!)
Whoa.  I didn’t know what I was missing.  Of course, the Chi has clearly worked fine up until now, but I can never go back.  The Hana Elite was so smooth.  You don’t realize how much you have to physically pull the iron through your hair.  That is until you actually don’t have to pull!!!  Even on the most misbehaving curls of mine, the Hana Elite glided right over and left smooth hair in its place.
My favorite part?  My hair was completely straight and smooth… but STILL had body.  With the Chi, I totally sacrificed fullness for smoothness.  There is, my friends, a thing as being to “sleek.”  I want some BODY!!!  And the Hana let me!
(Can you tell that my hair isn’t, like, flat against my head?… it maintained some volume.)
I sound absolutely absurd talking about a straightener with such enthusiasm, but anyone with COARSE and CURLY hair can surely relate!!!
Thank you Misikko!
Any other Chi users out there?  Has anyone tried the Hana Elite?

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Rachel from Love a la Mode

I've never heard of the Hana… but I've straightened my hair every day with the same Chi turbo I received for my 16th birthday (almost 5 years ago) and I absolutely love it to death!


I can totally relate, being that I have curly/frizzy hair and the only flat iron that has actually worked for me is a Paul Brown one that my mom's had for a really…really long time, and it continues to work its magic.
I've never heard of the Hana, but i might just look into it!


I have had the same basic black Chi for about seven years. Recently, one of the hot plates separated and broke off the outer part of the Chi. So, I bought a Sam Villa, and $150 later (it wasn't cheap!) I have a flat iron that I love. In my opinion, people have used Chis for so long that they never switch. It's good to see other people changing up the Chi too. XOXO


I've been using a sedu for years now, and even though I really like it, I kind of want to try something else. This looks like a great option!


I have straight hair but every once and a while it has a mind of its own and needs a straightener. The Hana Elite looks great but I can't spend that much money on a straightener- I'm in high school. Does anyone have any ideas?


I had been using a Chi for years, and every time it broke, I just bought a new Chi. I never really wanted to change brands, seeing as it did the job well enough.

I had been reading a lot about the HANA flat irons all over the blogosphere this summer, and was interested in buying one. But considering the fact that my Chi was doing fine, I had no reason to. Then, out of the blue this semester, my Chi stopped heating up. So this time when I went to get a new straightener, I decided to get the HANA, after reading so many glowing reviews.

After using it the last month and a half, I can totally agree without you that I would never go back to my Chi! This cut my styling time from 45 mins to about 15, and leaves my hair looking softer, fuller, and straighter! I couldn't be happier, and I'm really glad to see there is more out there than the Chi.

Wow – sorry for the rant! But I just had to share.

Brianna Tucker

I will have to try this new straightner.. I have been an avid chi fan for years.. using both the blow dryer and straightner!! I wonder if they have a Hana blowdryer too??
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your hair looks great! love it
but i love those boots even more theyre adorable
what brand/ whered ya get those?
im always in search of the perfect casual cute boot lol but i always find something i dont like about the ones i see in stores!

Delta Tri Till I Die

I have super frizzy and wavy hair, and I've had a Chi ever since I can remember! I swear by it, and even after the five-zillion times I've dropped it I have never had a problem!!


I hate when I straighten my hair and lose natural hair has a lot of body and that's what I've been generally known for 🙁

Stephanie Layne

My sister, the queen of high-maintenence hair products/product, surprised me last Christmas with the Chi. I used it religiously every day until the top of my head accumulated a considerable amount of frizz!


I've had a Chi for a couple of years. I'm thinking about switching, but hair straighteners are soo expensive. I'm so jealous they sent you one. I now want them to contact me, so I can try it!


I prefer the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it works great, it has tourmaline ceramic plates that damage less the hair than others, plus you can also make curls with it and keeps my hair soft, shiny and super straight, I luv it !! 😀


I've tried different brands and the best for me is the Karmin Professional Titanium, it works pretty good. removes static, and leaves my hair super silky and soft 😀