New Playlist!

It’s been WAY too long since my last playlist! I’m obsessed with this one though. Some new songs that have been on absolute repeat and some old favorites that I always love listening to. For the most part, the playlist is pretty laid back and I think it’s a good playlist to work to.

Playlist posts are always the posts I’m the most nervous to post because I think taste in music is so personal. I like a good mix of current and catchy with old and classic– keeps things fresh!

A couple of notes about this particular playlist. The first three songs are my top played recently… I’m hooked. I wanted to include Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” but it’s not available on Spotify apparently. Trust me though, I love it. (I definitely can’t help but dance when it comes on…) And then I also included my favorite song from the Begin Again soundtrack; if you haven’t watched the movie… you need to.
What’s your favorite song/playlist/artist to listen to while you work?

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Audrey Lin

Most of these songs/artists I've never heard of–I'm excited! I agree with you that music is so personal. That's way I never ever disapprove of someone's taste in music, and I also try not to hate on artists, despite all those opinionated Internet people and celebrity gossip sources telling me otherwise. It takes so much courage to be an artist, because to create your own music is baring your soul. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Amy Grant

I love Coldplay for studying – 'Sky Full of Stars' picks me up when I'm getting bored or frustrated. I also love John Mayer, especially his cover of Beyonce's XO
Seriously good. And for a study break, I love the song High by Peking Duk – it's euphoric. I also can't go past The Temper Trap's Fader for a pick me up.

Girl for Granted

Kaitlin Olivero

Great playlist – some tunes I've never heard! I know what I'll be listening to today at work 🙂

And awesome that you included The Hush Sound – I've been in love with them for years and years, but I do not know many people that know of them. Too cool.