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What a week. I really think I pulled myself out of that funk and things were on the up and up this week. We had what I would consider the absolute perfect summer days. Be outdoors as much as possible kind of summer days.

Before I get into the on my radar posts, I have to say how happy you guys make me! Snapchat this week had me in stiches. Between the whole Instagram Stories vs Snapchat debate and then when I snapped about Garrett backing my car into parking spaces… guys, your replies made me literally laugh out loud. For now I’m sticking to Snapchat normally and maybe will post things on Instagram stories, but will likely keep things business as usual!

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Lots on my radar this week:

ONE // Olympic Swimming Medalist Allison Schmitt on Depression

If you read only one thing from this post, make it this one. It’s a long article, but bookmark it to come back if you don’t have time now. It’s powerful and moving. You just never know what someone is going through, including (maybe especially?) high performing people.

TWO // The New Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is changing things up as they try to maintain relevancy with teens. I think they’re definitely onto something and really like three people they have at the helm.

(But if they’re reading here… I think they need to revamp the covers. They should make the physical magazine a must-have accessory. Or, you know, Insta-prop. Grace can vouch.)

THREE // Things People with Down Syndrome are Tired of Hearing

Amazing interviews. I also thought I’d share that one of my favorite TV shows (by the far the best reality show ever) is back on for season 2! I can’t wait to catch up.

FOUR // Athletes Come in All Shapes and Sizes

How cool is this back to back photo of Simone Biles (4’8″) and David Lee (6’8″)?

FIVE // The Beekman Mansion

“The Beekman Boys” renovated what has to be the most stunning farmhouse in upstate New York. That is the dream right there. I love how they renovated with integrity and didn’t completely modernize the place beyond recognition.

SIX // Emily Henderson’s Surprise Nanny Home Makeover

Do you guys follow Emily Henderson? I love her style of decorating. She just made over her children’s nanny’s house and wow, if she didn’t knock it out of the park.

SEVEN // Oregon Trail Card Game

I will be at Target hunting this game down like my prairie family’s lives depend on it. Did you guys play Oregon Trail on the computer growing up?! We LOVED it and I can’t wait for the card game. 

EIGHT // Chelsea Handler’s Advice for YoungWomen

Chelsea Handler’s comedy isn’t my cup of tea, but I couldn’t get enough of her advice. YES YES YES!

NINE // Stop Trying to Ruin the Olympics for Us

This is a completely different perspective about the Olympics than what you see on the news.

TEN // 7 Doggy Before and Afters

I had to end the post with cute pups. I just can’t resist!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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That article about Allison was very eye-opening. I think that it serves as a reminder, that while we may think that someone has the “perfect” life because of what we see on TV or social media, may not really be the truth of what that individual is living. I am glad to see that Allison was able to push through her personal struggles and be an advocate for those who suffer depression.

Also, loved the Chelsea Handler video clip. I agree, I’m not really a fan of hers per say, but I appreciated her advice. Some words of wisdom that everyone could use.


I love the post about the Olympics. I totally agree – there are always risks and health warnings and negative media everywhere! But I’m so excited for the games and can’t wait for people’s lives to be changed in sports that they’ve trained their whole lives in. Ahhhh I get goosebumps just thinking about it.


Nicole Coppins

Love that you shared Megan Kalmoe’s article. I am a USRowing host family and have been hosting one of her teammates for the past 3 yrs. Rowers, as all Olympic athletes, have been working tirelessly to make the team and achieve their dream. Just making the team and going to Rio is a real honor and accomplishment. I think Megan’s perspective is important because while yes, the water is a concern, as a country, we should be celebrating their achievements and cheering them on, not further reminding them of these threats. But- enough about the water. Lets get excited for the Opening Ceremonies tonight 🙂 Happy Weekend! XO, Nicole //


I love both the picture and the post about the Olympics! They’re great reminders about what we should be focusing on in coverage of the games. Thanks for sharing.


So glad that you shared the article on Allison Schmitt and her fight with depression. As someone who goes to a good school and works in politics, there’s a sort of similar pressure. I think you’re right that things can be a bit more difficult for high performing people, but all things considered that makes us so much stronger! I’m also so happy that you feel better as well! I revisited your post and I really loved the statement, “sometimes it’s okay to cancel plans.” Maybe I should write that down in my planner!