New Umbrella!

SM and me down at the waterfront for the regatta on Saturday.  Note the VB Umbrella, VV Nor’Easter, and LL Bean Boots!

Don’t worry everyone!  My Green Apple Vera Bradley umbrella has been replaced! Soccer Mom brought it up to DC this weekend.  The print is Cupcakes Pink and I just absolutely love it. 
My old one was kinda hard to open, and my fingers would always get pinched when trying to close it.  (I hate those little metal things!)  But this one is fabulous because it opens and closes with a click of a button!  Oh, how I love it.
I needed it on Saturday.  The weather was less than ideal.  I whipped out my bean boots for the regatta and used the umbrella for the walk to and from the boathouse.  Also, it’s definitely going to come in handy this week.  It’s raining today and forecasted to rain tomorrow.  
Campus today is pretty crazy.  Obama is giving his economic address on campus!  Right now!  I’m in New North and he’s literally a few yards behind me in Gaston Hall making his speech.  On my way to class, I was stopped because his motorcade went right in front of me.  Getting to class is SO difficult because a bunch of buildings are blocked off and pathways are barricaded.  I feel so lucky to go to school here.  We even convinced my US Political Systems professor to let us watch it.  Georgetown had a lottery for tickets, but unfortunately I didn’t win.  It’s on and so we have it projected in front of the auditorium.  Very cool.
-College Prepster

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Of course you knew this would bring you a comment from me!!! Thank goodness SM bought you a new umbrella…and…its beautiful. I am excited you got to see Obamas motorcade even though you didn’t win a lottery ticket it still was special!!