[New Wallpaper] Live For Today

Oh boy. The pace of life is just cruising along. And by cruising, I mean speeding. Seriously. On Mondays, I pray for Saturdays. It happens to frequently that weeks are just all a blur.
One thing I’ve been trying to be better at is living in the moment. Well, not only the moment, but the day. Enjoying every aspect of the day and not simply wishing for the next one to come along. Because otherwise, time is just passing. Methodically without a lot of impact.
We have twenty-four solid hours in the day (including sleep, which is important!) to use. How are we using it. What’s the impact? Is it leading us closer to our goals, our wishes, our dreams? What will make us enjoy the day more? How can we optimize what we accomplish?
live for today.
I need to be reminded of this often. Even if I want to commit to it, I tend to forget! So I made these little wallpapers for your desktop, iPhone (my favorite!), iPad, and Facebook cover photo.
Desktop Wallpaper | Right click on the image and open in new tab. Drag to the image to your desktop to save. Right click and choose “Set desktop picture.”
 Easiest way is to open this page on your iPad. Click on the image to open to full screen. Press and hold on the image and save to camera roll. Then set the picture as your lock screen and wallpaper.
iPhone Wallpaper | Easiest way is to open this page on your cell phone. Click on the image to open to full screen. Press and hold on the image and save to camera roll. Then set the picture as your lock screen and wallpaper.
Facebook Cover Photo | Right click and open image in new tab. Drag image to desktop to save. Upload and position in Facebook.
Do you live for today?

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Great post! I feel like I have the same dilemma as you. i am definitely going to try and make more out of my day 🙂



Make sure to right click and open the image in a new tab/window! It's a larger file, but just displayed smaller in the post.

Anna Selby

These are so beautiful, and such a good reminder! I also do breathing exercises in times of undue stress which helps me stay centered and focused.

Also, I'm a graphic designer and I'm in love with your recent blog updates. The tortoiseshell accents are so chic and fresh! Love it!



Love this! 🙂 I especially love the thought behind it. I will definitely be adding this to a list of things to download… (:

I also had a question that I'm hoping you could help me with! I also create desktop wallpapers and want to share them on my blog, as well. Unfortunately, BlogSpot continues to tell me that the image is too big to upload. (The file is around 1280 x 800 pixels). But if I make it smaller, I know it will download as grainy…

The way you share your desktop is flawless! How do you go about doing it? Have you run into a similar problem? I'd really appreciate your advice. (:



Do you guys even have pictures to make this a wallpaper like trashy crappy a lot of mean things that I can keep going about this website