New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

Christmas is next week, but I’m also looking forward to New Year’s Eve. Do I have plans? Nope. I don’t really feel like traveling and I think a lot of my friends from the city will be out of town. (Frankly, I’d totally be fine relaxing with movies and takeout!)
One of the biggest things I’ve learned to embrace is to know thyself. Crowded, loud parties with lots of alcohol will never be my thing… even I think they sound kind of fun (from a distance). In the past, I’ve tried to convince myself that it is for me, until I get there and remember exactly who I am and exactly who I am not. Will I ever be the life of the party? No. But that’s just fine with me!
Some of my favorite NYE memories though have been hanging out in hotel rooms with friends during training trips (#coxswainproblems) or intimate, cozy dinners followed by a trip to the movie theatre. My kind of fun. And dinners are still a good excuse to get dressed up!
While sequined dresses are definitely the standard for New Year’s Eve, you can also make a statement in a little black dress you already own. Just add accessories.

Feeling in the mood for sequins? Okay, okay… Here are some of my favorite options:

What are you wearing for New Year’s Eve? Any super fun plans?

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I agree that you should definitely do what's comfortable! I'm not a huge partier, but I love hanging out with my fiance and our close friends in a hotel room and celebrating with a nice bottle of champagne.

I do tend to wear the cliche sequenced dress 😉

AJ | TheAJMinute


My 22nd birthday is NYE! I just ordered my dress from Modcloth and I'm super excited. I usually do LBDs on my birthday dressed up with accessories but I really wanted to add some sparkle this year!

The part about "parties seeming fun from afar" sounds just like me. They seem like a good idea in my head but then I get there and want to leave, it drives my friends crazy. Lucky for me I usually get to call the shots on New Years since I'm the birthday girl. 🙂

The Yuppie Files

Usually my group of friends would host a party at one of our homes, with a smaller crowd. I've only gone out once & that was when friends rented out a room. I enjoyed the bar scene in my day, but not to that extent!

Last year my husband & I went to a jazz concert, which was great b/c I was pregnant. This year may be a nice dinner at home since we have a 4 month old. Definitely over pretending big parties will be fun & all about the more intimate celebration now!


No plans at this point. I will be in California visiting family so I'm sure we'll go out for or make dinner, perhaps get together with my cousin and his wife.

Pierce Gillette

I love the idea of a simple dress with bold jewelry! It kind of takes off the pressure of finding a dress for New Year's! Thanks, Carly!

<3 Pierce


Thank you! I thought I was the only 24 year old out there that didn't like going to crowded, loud parties with lots of alcohol. I have a feeling, that if I lived in NYC you and I would be friends (or at least see each other in various places….jcrew stores, restaurants at night) Okay this totally sounds creepy, and I didn't mean for it to! You just sound like me, but in a different city.

Sylvia Dennis

I am 23 and people don't understand why i don't love going out drinking … well i wish i lived in NYC so we could meet up 🙂 off to NYC tomorrow shame you won't be there! Have a lovely christmas! xo