nico and lala | the zebra collection

One of my all-time favorite websites just launched a new website and a new collection. I was too excited about this not to share it with everyone.
Nico and Lala have been longtime favorites of mine. They started off in Nashville and found their way up to Chicago. I’m seriously in love with everything they do. (You can find their products on a few of College Prep sponsors’ websites!)
The new Nico and Lala website is adorable, so make sure you swing by and check things out a bit.
I especially love this new zebra collection. I have the Zebra iPad case (the one pictured above is actually mine… love it!) and I get more compliments on it than anything else. It’s the perfect case for events and traveling. And the subdued colors are also super perfect because, while they’re still definitely cute, they’re not overbearing or distracting. Plus, the monogram? To die for.
How adorable are those color combinations?

Zebra Stationery….. beyond amazing, right? I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw these. They’re SO cute and SO perfect and SO monogrammed!
Nico and Lala also do branded events, including some of the most adorable parties:

obsessed is an understatement.

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Wow! So pretty! Those cards would be so cute to use for keeping in touch when you're away at college! Since this is a college blog, I thought you'd be interested to know that I am currently writing a series on my blog called 31 Days of College Life! I would be honored to have you come check it out!


SO cute! I just wish they had a zebra iPhone case. I just got an iPhone today and would totally buy a matching zebra case for it!