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I told you about my morning routine a few months ago and I thought that sharing my nighttime routine would be fun! While my morning routine is all about gearing and revving up for a full day, I try to relax as much at night. In the morning, I’m super regimented about the timing of everything. If I stay on schedule for the first couple of hours during the day, I find that everything else just lines up better.
But my nights are more flexible since they’re a little bit more unpredictable. When I leave work, I nearly always go straight home. I eat dinner and try to have an hour away from screens. Then I know that I have blog posts to write and emails to tend to and other miscellaneous projects that I have in the works. Depending on the day (and if I have to do anything outside of my apartment), the time that I can wrap things up varies. On a busy day, I might work until 2 or 3 am and other nights end around 11pm. So it all depends.
This is what my routine is on a typical night:
I have been taking showers at night lately. I’ve needed extra inspiration and I do my best thinking in the shower so it just works out that way. Plus, it saves time in the morning– especially with waiting for my hair to dry! I will say, I’ve been super into taking baths. But… I always shower before. Because, ugh… it just seems gross otherwise. The Burt’s Bees bubble bath is simply divine. It’s for babies, but it’s wonderful.
If I have time for a bath, I wash my face and moisturize before, but otherwise that’s just my next step after the shower. Then I brush my teeth and moisturize. I’ve been having serious skin issues lately (I blame stress and the weather), so the St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter lotion has been a lifesaver. It seriously calms my skin down dramatically.
The plan would be to have completed all my computer work by now. I change into pajamas (the nightshirts from J. Crew have been my go-to lately) and then try to get in some reading. Frankly, I’m lucky if I get through ten pages before falling asleep!!!
I don’t rush the process of winding down. I try to just go with the flow, since this might be the only time that day where I don’t have any time constraints!
What’s your routine at night?

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Ooh, The Starboard Sea is one of my favourite books! I hope you're enjoying it 🙂



How well does that whitening toothpaste work? I've been looking for a new one to try!



Oh I stinking love baths. nothing is more relaxing for me! Maybe I'll check out the Burt's bubble bath sometime.
And I can't imagine going to bed at 2 or 3 on a work night..I don't know how you do it!


I've really been into taking baths with warm water and a good book, it's a good stress reliever!


Carly, you need to do something about your schedule! I know you're a super busy girl, but you are NOT getting anywhere close to enough sleep. you don't want your health or your body to start suffering!


Carly, I totally agree that night time routines should be all about relaxation. After my super busy day, I need a little me time. Shower + comfy pjs + reading + cup of tea= the best way to end a day!

Kristie C.

I love baths. I personally love Lush Cosmetics' bath bombs. They smell amazing and have a lot of different varieties. It's a great way to relax. I wish I had more time to read though!


The nights I do get to have a nighttime routine, I wash my face with Garnier's HautklarAktiv Pickel-Stopp Waschgel (I'm in Germany) and it dries up my face from all the grease which is perfect since I eat a lot of chocolate and my face tends to grease up a lot. Then I brush my teeth, and apply Garnier's Dunkle Flecken Reduzierer which is supposed to reduce dark stains on your skinface (thank you, chocolate). Then chapstick and off to sleep! 🙂