When does something turn from a cute obsession to a problematic addiction? Because right now, I believe I may have crossed the line into addiction! I love all the notebooks in Target. I know what you’re thinking, “Target?” But yes. 
It started with these super cute notebooks. They’re pretty small and have the cutest sayings on them. (Plus, I love the gold embellishment polka dots!!!!)
Happiness is a bright and shining thing.
Looking at the stars always makes me dream.
Joy delights in joy.

Then I went back to Target a few days later to pick something up with my mom. And I found even MORE notebooks! They’re so inexpensive that it’s a challenge not to walk out of the mega store with a million cute things.
Ummmm… love these. LOVE LOVE LOVE! They’re tinier than the other notebooks, but perfect for tossing in a handbag for little lists.
I also found these. They’re larger than the other two and I am obsessed with the sayings on the front. They were $3 (I think) and I had to get both!
This is definitely my favorite. I think it’s perfect for keeping a journal or remembering special events or brainstorming all sorts of creative ideas.
This is so fun too. Doesn’t it remind you of Kate Spade?
I’m using one of the notebooks to doodle some of my favorite quotations!
PS Good thing I didn’t see these:

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I went to Target to get those first notebooks after you posted about them! The second one is my favorite with the Van Gogh quote. I'm loving the last ones though too… they are definitely Kate Spade-esque!


Julia D.

I officially require these to be in my possession…like now…or yesterday. I was just thinking that they reminded me of Kate Spade, and at that price I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from buying one or a hundred.

P.S. Your doodles are so cute! I wish I was that good at design/art.

Your Plucky Picaroon

Journaling and doodling your favorite quotes is such a great idea! I never manage to keep up handwritten journals, and blogging is such a public platform, but I always hate to waste a whole journal knowing I'll only use the first few pages. Keeping quotes in it though? That I can *definitely* do! Thanks for sharing!

Southern Sass

Too cute! I love notebooks. Did you get those ponytail holders at Target too? Those are my favorite hair ties, but I haven't seen those prints anywhere.

Caitlin C.

I bought the first three, I fell in love with them. But dang they've gotten some new ones in since the last time I checked! All of them are adorable, how could you not buy them all?!


I LOVE notebooks as well! Those two definitely reminded me of Kate Spade when I saw them, which is perfectly fine with me! Target is dangerous, I only go in when I have plenty of money to spend otherwise I'll be in BIG trouble.

Bonita Rose

I went tonite…. got a bunch of the larger ones in both turq and red.. and two sets of the dotted ones… oh yeah…. i'll keep them for me or give some as gifts…. they are beautiful.. thks for blogging about them.. I wudn't hv known about them if I hadn't visited your blog.. we don't go to Target that often.. thank you! they are lovely. xo


I'm glad I read this post after going to Target this past Thursday. I would had probably bought all of them especially the Eiffel tower on and the two bigger notebooks. I have an obsession with notebooks as well. I always like to carry one neat one for work since I always have meetings daily.


I love the "Kate Spade" type ones! They're my favorite! I have my "bucket list" in the red one & lists of my favorites (books, songs, movies, etc.) in the turquoise!!