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Some of the most distinct memories of traveling to NYC with my family as a child are our trips to the delis around the city. We’d always go to Carnegie Deli after seeing a Broadway show and there were multiple trips to Katz’s for what she’s having sandwiches the size of our heads. 
I love a good deli. To me it tastes like comfort food.
Last year, Garrett and I stumbled on a deli around the corner from his apartment. He was craving matzo ball soup and I went on a deep dive on Yelp reviews to find the best. Little did we know that the best in town was basically down the street. We would go once or twice a week, always getting the same thing: turkey sandwich, fries, and the matzo ball soup.
While on the red eye back from Alaska this week, we both watched a great documentary called Deli Man– The Movie. The documentary follows the few remaining deli men from around the country as they try to keep the deli traditions and recipes alive. Including, our favorite, 2nd Ave Deli!
My Grandma grew up in Brooklyn and she cooks a lot of these wonderful traditional foods that are featured in the movie. While nothing beats Grandma’s cooking (we’ve been trying to get all her recipes written down recently!), it had me absolutely craving a good meal at a deli. So much so that Garrett and I just had to stop by 2nd Ave Deli for dinner. We’ve never been to the uptown location before even though it’s a five minute walk from my apartment… can’t tell if this is a great thing or a really dangerous thing, ha!
Delis are really quite the cultural experience. If you’ve never visited one before, I highly recommend finding one in your neighborhood… or better yet, visiting NYC for the real deal.

That sandwich though.

2nd Ave Deli brings chocolate egg cream shots to the table after every meal. It’s a little bit of an acquired taste but such a sweet ending!

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PS I’ve added Deli Man– The Movie to my list of favorite documentaries!

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Wow, I miss New York right now! I loved the delis so much – Carnegie is probably my favorite and I was so happy to be able to stay just one block away when I was in town last month.

They have a couple of delis here in Los Angeles {Canter's is the best} but they just don't compare! Although, I'll definitely be hitting one up this week now!

Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas

Joyce Novacek

I love delis! That documentary sounds intriguing! Egg creams will always remind me of the "Harriet the Spy" book. A childhood favorite. Glad you enjoyed Alaska so much!

Fairy Princess Jord

So great you have a deli so close to your apartment. I can't say I've ever experienced a true "deli" experience but I'm heading to NYC soon…I'll have to try one!