October Favorites

I’m a day late on this! I actually have a pretty hard time believing it’s already November. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! But first, let’s review some of my October favorites:
PLAID SCARVES // I love summer scarves, but sometimes feel awkward, bulky, and weighted down with thicker fall/winter scarves. For whatever reason, I’ve been way into them lately though. As in, wear-one-every-day into them. This Gap one is super soft and cozy.
TAYLOR SWIFT 1989 // Duh. I have always liked Taylor Swift, but this album is great. I’ve been playing it on repeat. In fact, I even downloaded the songs to my iPhone and took up very valuable space (haha, I deleted two apps to fit them) so I can listen to it on the go. I know she’s been getting a hard time for “Welcome to New York,” but goodness, it’s pretty awesome to listen to on the subway!
DANA REBECCA DESIGNS // Buying this ring was super impulsive. It’s a lot more than what I’d spend on a piece of jewelry for myself, but I couldn’t walk out of Hampden Clothing in Charleston without it. It’s just a pretty little piece that I put on almost every day now.
NESPRESSO VERTUOLINE // Sorry Starbucks, but I’m officially cheating on you. I’ve had a couple of Nespresso’s before (at friends’ houses and hotels) and I have always wanted one. I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to coffee makers– I’ve bought and tried them all. Cheap coffee makers, expensive coffee makers, Keurig, cappuccino makers. The works. Nespresso sent me the newest Vertuoline machine that makes espressos and coffee and I am 100% hooked. The coffee is amazing (the Hazelino is delicious) and feels very luxurious to drink. I love how frothy it gets!
ACAI BOWLS // I was in the airport on my way to Charleston and I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch. Lines were so long everywhere and nothing sounded good to me… I went to a juice stand to get a plain smoothie and ended up ordering the acai bowl because the fruit looked good. YUM! Why did it take me so long to try it?! I’ve been going to Juice Generation down the street and getting the peanut butter one for lunch!

DRYBAR SMOOTHING CREAM // Not sure if I like this product because it works really well or if I love smelling like I just went to Drybar? Both! I put the cream in my hair when it’s damp (mostly the ends) and then blow it dry. The smell is totally “Drybar” and my hair gets extra shiny with less frizz!
What were some of your October favorites?

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Alina Ermilova

Oh man, Nespresso coffee machine is the best! I have the one with cappuccino/latte maker attached to it, and I can oficially say that my coffee tastes better than Sturbucks! 🙂

I still haven't tried Acai bowl, despite the fact that everyone's talking about it. Need to find it somewhere in my city!




The Gap scarf is really cute. I'm the opposite…I don't like scarves in the summer but I'll wear one nearly every day during the cooler months.

My favorite buy of October was a pair of New Balance for J. Crew sneakers. I'm not at all a sneaker person but these may convert me.

Taylor Kay

Gosh, I love warm winter scarves! I just feel like they automatically make an outfit look really put together, so I practically live in them in the fall and winter months. And I haven't listened to anything but Taylor Swift's album since it came out on Monday – it's definitely my new obsession!


Cassie Wright

I'm 100% obsessed with 1989! I don't understand why people feel the need to criticise Welcome to New York. It's a great song and she should be free to write about whatever she wants. And she is donating all of the proceeds from the track to New York City Public Schools! She's the cutest.

Sinead Loftus

1989 is definitely one of my October favourites too! My other favs have to be large grey sweaters and apples with peanut butter!