Old is New again

Soccer Mom’s really cute friend always passes down her old Lilly dresses, skirts, and polos down to me. Seriously, it’s the best!

Some of the things don’t fit, but they go in the Lilly scrap basket. (I’ll have to do a post about all those scraps. The basket is a bit of heaven.)

Other things can be easily altered, like this super super super fabulous dress. Soccer Mom and I just picked it up from the tailor. Speaking of tailors, everyone needs to find a great one. Tatiana is THE tailor of south Tampa. Walk into her store and you’re bound to see at least two people you know. She is the absolute best and extremely kind.

How cool is the print? I have NO idea what the name of it is, but if you do leave a comment! I’m kind of in love with it!!!


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Love the dress! Such a cute pattern! I have no idea what the name of it is, but I have seen it before!


I love the print too, adorable! I am actually in the market for a good tailor in Gainesville if anyone knows one…I'm learning to tailor my own clothes but I'm too scared to touch my alligator lilly!


You always are so gorgie and that dress is parfait on you – I know that print because I have painted it in watercolors before – will circle back with you tomorrow. Hugs to you doll xxo


Is this about Robert's mom?? She is so sweet! She told me she gave you and old gator Lilly- I was so jealous! This one is so cute!


The print is super sweet, looks like a perfect fit too (after a bit of tailoring)! Lucky girl I wish I had someone who passed down lilly dresses!

Little V

Hook me up with your tailor pleaseeeeee!!!!!

and all the lilly's you don't want



you're such an inspiration! Question: How do I incorporate a bit of ghetto into preppy attire?