On Broadway

My mom, sister, and my sister’s friend were in the city this weekend. It was really fun to go to share some of my favorite restaurants with them and shop a tiny bit. But the best part? We went to see a musical.
Here’s the thing. I’m obsessed with Broadway. I knew all the words to Rent and Les Mis by the time I was… I don’t know… like 7? (Totally didn’t understand either play, especially from the soundtrack, but I knew the words!) My parents, especially my dad, loved the soundtrack, so they were always part of the loop. We had a 25 disc (ha) cd player that we would load up and play while we were swimming in the summers.
We also went to NYC a lot when we were growing up and we’d always see a show or two. Lion King, Sound of Music, Rent, Wicked, Hairspray, Cats, Newsies, Mary Poppins, The Addams Family
That’s all I can remember right now!
My sister and I loved choreographing dances and making up mini plays. And, of course, we were both in a million numbers for “Rick’s Cafe” in high school.
There’s something about the whole production that gets me every time.
Annie was no exception.

I’ve (obviously) seen every single movie (the original, the new, and that other weird new one) and a touring show in Tampa. I also remember sitting on the floor of my parents’ bedroom and watching a television show about the casting of the 1997 Broadway revival.
Oh, I just love it.
It’s one of those musicals that is amazing and entertaining and oh-so-special no matter how old you are.

My sister and I have been sending each other videos and this one is just awesome! You totally get a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to create just one of the iconic numbers. (Although, let the record show… I just don’t think “It’s a Hard-Knock Life is complete without buckets.)

Who else loves musicals? What’s your favorite?


PS I really want to see Matilda! I’ve heard absolutely amazing things about it!

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H. Thiers

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love musicals! When I was in New York City this summer I went to see Wicked and it was amazing:) Some of my other favorites are The Lion King, Legally Blonde, Rent, and The Sister Act! I have heard great things about Matilda as well! I really hope to see it when it comes to my city!


Stephanie Bartolomé

I've never seen it in person, but I absolutely love Spamalot. Monty Python and The Holy Grail is one of my favorite films, so it's "loving rip-off" of a musical is right up my alley.


I just saw King Kong the musical in Melbourne and it was amazing! Featured a 6m tall robotic gorilla as King Kong, and from up front he was so scary (in a cool way).

Emily Ridings

I've grown up watching, listening, and performing in musicals; it's basically a second nature! I was dying to see How to Succeed when it was on broadway, but was fortunate enough to play Rosemary this past spring in my hometown. Some of my favorites are Les Mis, Guys and Dolls, and one I saw most recently, Nice Work if You Can Get It. Overall, I think we can agree–there is nothing like Broadway.


Gizmo Wang

I love musicals too!! I haven't had the opportunity to watch any on Broadway… But hopefully that'll change!

My faves are The Harvey Girls, Meet Me in St. Louis, Music Man, Sound of Music, and all the other Roger & Hammerstein's.

Playground Prepster

Cats and Les Mis were staples in my house growing up – soundtracks blaring. I haven't seen a show since having kids, but one of my favorites is Crazy For You (I'm such a Gershwin fan). I also love Thoroughly Modern Millie (a super cute movie too). And I probably sing Bushel and a Peck from Guys and Dolls to my boys daily… although now I'm thinking none of these are probably on Broadway anymore…


Because of Annie, my most impossible (and desperate) dream has been to be able to sing. Those high notes, man. Gets me every single time. I remember always voting to watch "Annie" in grade school.


A friend of mine worked on the video you shared as a production assistant! Also, Annie is incredible 🙂


I saw Annie about a month ago and it was wonderful! I saw the PBS doc following its a hard knock life that you were referring to, and I know you love documentaries you should definitely watch it! Regarding matilda, I feel like the show was very overhyped. It didnt really flow, the first act was lacking, but it picked up towards the end of the show. The music is fantastic and the children are incredible, it's definitely worth seeing, but I would never pay full price for tickets if I were to see it again!


Musicals really are the best. I love them, and I loved Wicked so much I've seen it four times. Once in NYC the stage set up there was absolutely wonderful. Being out in the west I just went to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, it was great. Not all the plays they do are Shakespeare though, and I saw anything goes and loved it. It was so light and silly with great music, just a sweet fluffy thing to see. I recommend it!

Natalie T

Musicals are awesome! If you like musicals with big dance numbers, In The Heights is pretty good. It's about Latinos in NYC. 🙂

Nicole Brittany

Les Mis is my absolute favorite; I've seen it in London twice! But actually, I would definitely recommend seeing War Horse. I saw it in London two weeks ago and it was fantastic. It's not a musical technically, but the way that they use music in it is so amazing! 🙂