ON MY RADAR 1.26.24

I was all over the place this week. Highs included going into the city for lunch with Sam! It felt so good to feel like myself with a cute outfit, real makeup, and I even took the time to really blow out my hair. I was also able to FINALLY get in what feels like a “real” workout at this point for me after getting the green light to work out again. Jack is entering an extra hilarious stage and I’m getting so excited to see him enter his new role as “big brother” in our family. I also got hit hard by the urge to nest! I started tearing through closets like a mad woman!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Cane Print One Piece Bathing Suit

Well, this might be the cutest bathing suit I’ve ever seen. I have very little interest at the moment of putting a bathing suit on 😉 but maybe you have a fun trip coming up?! I just can’t get enough of the cane print and the one piece is definitely right up my alley. Of course there are a few different styles available too, including some matching mommy/daughter finds, too.

TWO // 35 Cozy Dishes to Make When the Weather Is Cold and Dreary

Every recipe in this list looks delicious!!!! I love a cozy winter meal and I wouldn’t even know where to start with these recipes. Saved this for myself for when I need good recipe inspiration and I think you’ll enjoy this list, too.

THREE // Talking Flashcards

Okay, I was totally influenced by TikTok here. I bought these “talking flashcards” because everyone seemed to rave about them. I have to admit that I was skeptical. Well, turns out they’re a HUGE hit. Like huge hit. I took the cards off the ring to make it easier to handle them and Jack has been absolutely obsessed. We’ve been making up little games for it, too, together.

FOUR // Georgie Jones on TikTok

I need to share this poet Georgie Jones I recently discovered on TikTok. I’m obsessed!!! Every time she posts a new video I get goosebumps. Just love what she has to say, and how she delivers it.

FIVE // Teleties Spring Collection

Can’t stop wearing my Teleties claw clip– it’s chic and holds all my hair! They just launched their spring collection and it’s filled with fun, springy colors. Would be great for a Galentine’s Day exchange or just a fun pick-me-up for yourself.

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OMG I love your scarf! I’ve been on such a scarf kick the last couple of years, and I’m usually the only one in sight wearing one. They add such a fun flare to any outfit!